What is Migi to Dali anime about?

What is Migi to Dali anime about

Migi to Dali anime is based on the manga of the same title written by Nami Sano. It is an ongoing and recently released anime that is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and employs a dark and absurdist form of humor in its story. The elements of horror and comedy are blended to form an amalgamation of a unique narration of Hitori’s life and his secrets. In this article, we will examine Migi and Dali anime and its basic plot structure, with special emphasis on its thematic worldview.

Migi to Dali anime – what is it about?

Migi to Dali anime follows the life of a young boy named Hitori, who is brought into the lives of a middle-aged couple by a stork. Hitori’s parents were kind and his house was spacious, but he had to protect his newfound happiness with an underlying secret, a deceiving act which must be safeguarded and kept hidden from the parents. Migi to Dali anime therefore becomes a sinister anime of sorts, where the secrets of being are accompanied by great risks.

What is Migi to Dali anime about
The twins, Migi and Dali in the anime. (Image credit goes to Studio Geek Toys)

The story is unsettling for the average viewer. Two twins pretend to be the same person and con a couple, disingenuously pretending to be a perfect child.

  • The reasons for this con act are still unknown in Migi to Dali anime, however, it has a creepy undertone to it.
  • The entire act of mystery is very spooky and at the same time intriguing, making the show a blend of horror and comedy.
  • Migi and Dali anime holds the potential to be unnaturally impressive for the viewer, as it holds the attention with an entirely different perspective.

Is Migi and Dali anime horror or comedy?

Migi to Dali is neither a horror anime nor entirely a comedy. The entire premiere of the show is horrifying as the two twins who are conning the couple are introduced and their actions are shown.

  • The feeling of something sinister constantly lurks in the background and one such scene where one of the twins makes a floor plan of the house with a dead body in it further aggravates the suspicions.
  • The twins hold the ability to manipulate events to their benefit, and this gives rise to suspicious premonitions that something dark is lurking in the background.
What is Migi to Dali anime about
Migi and Dali – the twins. (Image credit goes to Studio Geek Toys)

However, it also seems that the twins are doing all of this only to ensure that they have a proper roof over their heads and a family to call home. They might not be able to show affection to their parents yet, but that simply doesn’t mean that they aren’t grateful for this new life. The entire act might be a measure to sustain all of this and our doubts of a sinister undertone might simply come out as absurdity because we already know that Nami Sano is known for his absurdism in comedy.

Migi to Dali anime – its incredible soundtrack and visual treat

  • Migi to Dali comes with an incredible soundtrack, which is almost consistently playing a straight tune and it hypes up the mystery of even the most simple gags.
  • The music also makes almost everything appear sinister and the collision of the tones substantially affects the perceptions of the viewer. This gives us a story that has been afflicted by a sense of uncertainty due to an eerie background score.
What is Migi to Dali anime about
Eiji Ichijou in the anime Migi to Dali. (Image credit goes to Studio Geek Toys)

Migi and Dali anime also becomes a treat for visuals, featuring dark shots and darker mysteries in a visually appealing comedy. This bizarre deadpan is delivered so effortlessly that it becomes unsettling for the viewer. The sepia color scheme also adds to the thematic undertones and therefore makes it a horror-comedy that offers a fearful tear and at the same time a good laugh to let go of it.


Migi to Dali is a must-watch during this Halloween, and it definitely wears the shoe. It is upsetting and scary, but at the same time maintains its comic narrative. This gives it a peculiar understanding of both genres and gives us a story that stands out as a terrific piece of work in recent times. For more anime updates, subscribe to our newsletter at SpielAnime.

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