What makes Skip and Loafer Anime worth watching?

What makes Skip and Loafer Anime worth watching (5)

Spring brought with it so many pleasant things and unsurprisingly Skip and Loafer anime is one of them. The anime is adapted from the manga with the same title by Misaki Takamatsu. It has gathered favorable opinions from fans with a rating of 8.2 on MyAnimeList. The anime completed its run with 12 episodes on June 20th. If you haven’t yet joined the party, here’s why you should watch it and potentially build a favorable opinion yourself. 

What makes Skip and Loafer anime worth watching?

What makes Skip and Loafer Anime worth watching (5)
A still from Skip and Loafer anime | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

It’s not one or two things that make Skip and Loafer anime a good watch but a collection of elements done well. The anime is realistic in terms of the portrayal of its characters, it also gives you some Shounen vibes with the main character’s dream and her constant hard work to make it come true. In the meantime also influences those around her.

Not just the plot, you’ll see the anime excel visually with some beautiful sceneries and moments. The growing proximity between the two main characters is more than evident but romance is yet to pick the pace. 

It’s better than your expectations 


You’ll find all the typical high school anime tropes like school festival, student council, entrance ceremony, popular guy, and drama. At the same time, the anime makes sure that it gives more meaning to these typical tropes.

In the beginning, you might feel like you already know what will happen in this anime but the characters and the story outdo themselves in multiple instances.

What makes Skip and Loafer Anime worth watching (4)
Yuzuki Murashige and Mika Egashira, Skip and Loafer anime | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

When you see the main character mess up in the beginning, you’ll come to expect similar mess-ups from her in the future but she’s quick to learn and is very ambitious.

The anime does a great job of portraying its characters as people with a whole personality and not limited to one or two character traits. You’ll see the antagonists do more than just hinder the protagonist’s progress or you’ll see the nerd being cool or the cool character being a loser at times. 

It has Good characters

What makes Skip and Loafer Anime worth watching (4)
Skip and Loafer anime characters | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

The main characters as well as the side characters are likable. You don’t mind the focus shifting between them. All the characters with considerable screen time have convincing stories supporting them. This makes you feel connected to the characters and understand their motivations. The dynamics they share are also honest and natural.

What makes Skip and Loafer Anime worth watching (4)
Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

You see a bunch of high school students find a place for themselves, call that wish fulfillment if you may. The two characters are inherently very different but they put effort into trying to understand the other and get over the baseless hate they foster for each other in the beginning. Similarly, all the characters grow and become more likable. 

It’s the perfect quick break

What makes Skip and Loafer Anime worth watching (4)
Mitsumi Iwakura and Sosuge Shima | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Life is never not stressful and when it gets overwhelming a quick break can help make things better. Skip and loafer anime can be your perfect quick break. The anime is simple, it doesn’t require you to put two and two together. You can just sit back and watch a few high school students making the most out of their high school life.

Simultaneously the story keeps moving forward and doesn’t feel stagnant at any point. It’s easy to keep up with the characters and have a good time with them. The punch of wholesomeness that the anime is, wins it some extra brownie points.



With just 12 episodes the anime will give you a lot of moments to smile and relax. The anime gets serious but it happens in a more grounded manner in contrast to the usual dramatic way you’re used to with anime. All of this still doesn’t make sure that you’ll come to like the anime but it’s worth a try. 

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