What would One Piece Admirals be like if they were Yonkos instead?

Reimagining One Piece Admirals as Yonkos

In the world of One Piece, the balance of power is a delicate dance between pirates and marines. Among the most formidable figures in this intricate tapestry are the Yonko, the four emperors ruling over the New World. While traditionally associated with pirates, what if the tides were to shift, and a One Piece Admiral, were to ascend to the position of a Yonko? Let’s explore this hypothetical scenario and imagine the unyielding flames of justice taking on a new form.

One Piece Admirals as Yonkos

Kizaru: The Sovereign of Speed

Kizaru’s crew would mirror their captain’s carefree and unpredictable nature, with members hailing from diverse backgrounds. Kizaru, the whimsical captain, adopts a laissez-faire approach, encouraging his crew to explore the Grand Line’s mysteries.

Their goal? It’d be possible to do whatever each member wants, much similar to the Straw Hats. While they might occasionally chase after the allure of the One Piece, their primary objective is to have unparalleled fun on their journey.

Aokiji: The Frosty Monarch of the Seas

Reimagining One Piece Admirals as Yonkos

Aokiji’s crew would embody resilience and unity. Despite being a smaller crew, they share an unbreakable bond, forged amidst the icy challenges of the Grand Line. Aokiji, a calm and contemplative captain, aims for a world where harmony between nature and civilization reigns.

Their objective is to establish territories where citizens coexist peacefully with nature, striving to maintain a balance that safeguards both people and the environment. While One Piece might pique their curiosity, their focus lies in creating a utopian sanctuary within the turbulent seas.

Greenbull: Nature’s Enigmatic Guardian

Admiral Greenbull, or Aramaki, whose abilities revolve around nature and plants, would be a Yonko deeply connected to the islands he claims as his own. His Jolly Roger could portray a lush tree, its roots intertwined with justice scales, representing his unique perspective on the world.

Greenbull might opt for a solo approach, his wisdom and affinity for nature making him a force to be reckoned with even without a massive crew.

Fujitora: Sword of Balance on the High Seas

Reimagining One Piece Admirals as Yonkos
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

Fujitora’s crew would be a beacon of justice, emphasizing fairness and equality. Fujitora, a determined and principled captain, envisions a world where the strong protect the weak. Their crew comprises skilled diplomats, powerful warriors, and strategists, all working together to create a just society.

Their goal is to eradicate oppression and tyranny, liberating islands from the clutches of nefarious rulers. While the allure of the One Piece intrigues them, their primary focus is on spreading a message of balance, kindness, and compassion throughout the Grand Line.

Akainu: Mad Dog of the Grand Line

No longer bound by the rigid rules of the marines, he embraces a new mission: to eradicate the corrupt core of the World Government. Fuelled by a desire for true justice, he allies himself with the Revolutionary Army, an organization he once vehemently opposed.

His goal becomes clear – to dismantle the oppressive regime and create a world where true freedom and equality reign. However, the methods he chooses might not be all that peaceful.


In this reimagined saga, the former Admirals’ transition into the role of Yonkos paints a vibrant picture of diverse ambitions and aspirations. Each crew, under its captain’s unique vision, navigates the Grand Line with purpose. While the legendary treasure of the One Piece remains a tantalizing enigma, these Yonko crews embark on their voyages, leaving a trail of camaraderie, justice, and adventure in their wake.

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