When is Fire Force Season 3 coming out?

When is Fire Force Season 3 coming out?

Fire Force is a Shonen that boasts thrilling and captivating scenes that leave fans speechless. It has been three years since season 2 ended, and fans have eagerly waited for a sequel. Having only an official announcement about a production update to show, it really begs the question Is Fire Force Season 3 coming? If so, when?

[Translation: TV anime “ #炎炎ノ消防隊 San no Shou” production decided

2019 “Fire Force Chapter 1”

2020 “Fire Force Chapter 2”

And the sequel… TV anime “Fire Force Sannoshou” production decided

Please wait for further information regarding the timing etc.


Fire Force – Where did it leave?

Fire Force season 2 concluded the 15th arc, The Stigma Arc, of the series. We last see Arthur and Shinra going to Asakusa to train under Benimaru. Being ravaged by Benimaru’s proto-nationalist training, Shinra discovers the press of death making his fire even hotter. Both Shinra and Arthur are able to surpass their limits.

Shinmon Benimaru
Shinmon Benimaru | Courtesy of David Production

While they are training, the White Clad has started targeting all those who have an Adolla Link, making Konro a potential target. Company 8 and its allies move to secure him, however, Company 5 loses its Captain. If this was not as deadly of a blow, what comes next sweeps Company 8th off the ground.

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What’s coming next?

Shinra | Courtesy of David Production

The next arcs will be the deciding arcs of the story. As both parties gear up to face the other, who is going to have the upper hand in this battle to control the state of the world?

  • Obi’s Rescue Arc: Company 8th is distracted from the main issue as their Captain is arrested.
  • Return to St. Raffles Arc: Company 1 and Company 5 find leads to St. Raffles ruins to uncover the truth behind its destruction.
  • Arthur’s Adventure Arc: Arthur goes on a little adventure to find a stronger Excalibur.
  • Stone Pillars Arc: The White sets a devastating plan aflame, will Fire Force be able to tackle it?
  • Asakusa Showdown Arc: Benimaru meets his mentor in a blazing fight, who’ll win?
Arthur | Courtesy of David Production
  • Kusakabe History Arc: Walk down the nostalgia lane as the Kusakabe family history is unveiled.
  • Final Pillar Arc: When a foe that will destroy the world makes its appearance, Shinra makes its triumph comeback.
  • Battle of Amaterasu Arc: Company 8th and the White Clad fight against time to gain control over Amaterasu.
  • Great Cataclysm Arc: Will Vulcan and Arthur be able to save the world?
  • Epilogue Arc: The final arc.

Fire Force Season 3 is expected to cover to Asakusa Showdown Arc, making its sequel potentially the final season of the series.

When is Fire Force Season 3 releasing?

Iris, Shinra, Tamaki, Maki
Iris, Shinra, Tamaki, Maki | Courtesy of David Production

There has been no official date yet. It has been a year since the production was green-lighted. There have also been rumors that there has been a shift in studios from David Production to Shaft Studios. This leads us to believe that:

  • The shift has not happened yet, delaying the animation process.
  • The rumor is false and the production is taking time due to the action-heavy content in the later arcs.

These are two plausible conditions that can be why season 3 has not received any official date as of yet. However, if the second situation is how it is, we can expect season 3 for Summer anime next year. This is the earliest the show can be expected to be out.


It has always been the case that the anime that makes its fans wait the most ends up being one of the most hyped shows of that season. Take Bleach Thousand Year Blood War as an example, it took 10 years to make its comeback and has taken the community out like a storm. So maybe waiting longer has its merits as well.

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