Where to watch Fairy Tail anime for free: A complete guide

A still from Fairy Tail anime

If you have been a fan of this nostalgic adventure anime and been wondering where to watch Fairy Tail anime for free, we have a good news for you. In celebration of the upcoming sequel series, “FAIRY TAIL 100 Year Quest,” airing in July 2024, all 328 episodes of the original “FAIRY TAIL” anime will be available for free on the YouTube channel “Full☆Anime TV for a limited period of time.”

This guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of the series’ availability, episode schedules, and story arcs.

Fairy Tail free streaming on YouTube

A still from Fairy Tail anime
A still from Fairy Tail anime (Image via Studio A-1 Pictures)

The Fairy Tail anime will be distributed sequentially on the “Full☆Anime TV” YouTube channel starting from April 26, 2024. Here’s a detailed schedule of episode releases:

  • Episodes 1 to 48: Available from April 26 (12:00 AM) to May 25 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 49 to 72: Available from May 10 (12:00 AM) to June 9 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 73 to 96: Available from May 17 (12:00 AM) to June 16 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 97 to 151: Available from May 24 (12:00 AM) to June 23 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 152 to 203: Available from May 31 (12:00 AM) to June 30 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 204 to 233: Available from June 7 (12:00 AM) to July 6 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 234 to 277: Available from June 14 (12:00 AM) to July 13 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 278 to 303: Available from June 21 (12:00 AM) to July 20 (11:59 PM)
  • Episodes 304 to 328: Available from June 28 (12:00 AM) to July 27 (11:59 PM)

Important Note: The availability of content on YouTube may vary by region.

Fairy Tail arcs and episode coverage

A still from Fairy Tail anime
A still from Fairy Tail anime (Image via Studio A-1 Pictures)

Fairy Tail  follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a fire-wielding Dragon Slayer, and his celestial spirit mage companion, Lucy Heartfilia, as they embark on exciting quests with the infamous Fairy Tail guild. Here’s a breakdown of the series’ major story arcs and the corresponding episodes covered on YouTube:

Story Arc Episodes (YouTube) Description
Macao Arc 1-2 Introduces core characters and the Fairy Tail guild.
Daybreak Arc 3-4 Lucy officially joins Fairy Tail.
Eisenwald Arc 5-9 Natsu and Lucy face off against a dark guild.
Sub-zero Emperor Lyon Arc 10-12 Encounter with the powerful ice mage, Lyon Vastia.
Phantom Lord Arc 13-25 Major conflict between Fairy Tail and the Phantom Lord guild.
Battle for Fairy Tail Arc 26-27 Rebuilding Fairy Tail after the Phantom Lord battle.
Tower of Heaven Arc 28-49 Rescue mission to a mysterious tower.
Lullaby Arc 50-54 Confronting a powerful curse linked to a lullaby.
Phantom Lord Arc (Second Half) 55-72 The return of Phantom Lord leads to another showdown.
Galuna Island Arc 73-78 Relaxing vacation takes an unexpected turn.
Battle of Fairy Tail (Second Half) Arc 79-82 Internal conflict within Fairy Tail reaches a climax.
Laxus Arc 83-100 Laxus Dreyar challenges the guild’s leadership.
Daphne Arc 101-104 Rescue mission to a hidden village.
Grand Magic Games Arc 105-122 Participation in a prestigious magical competition.
X791 Arc 123-124 Brief timeskip revealing changes in the world.
Key of the Starry Sky Arc (Filler) 125-150 Introduces a new character and focuses on celestial spirits.
Tenrou Island Arc 151-175 Grueling S-Class wizard exam on a mysterious island.
Tartaros Arc 176-203 Fairy Tail faces the dark guild Tartaros.
GMG Aftermath Arc 204-217 Repercussions of the Grand Magic Games and a familiar face returns.
Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc 218-226 Lucy explores the world of celestial spirits.
Sun Village Arc 227-234 Another mission leads Natsu and his team to a hidden village.
Alvarez Empire Arc 235-277 War against the Alvarez Empire forces Fairy Tail to fight for their world.
Springtime Arc 278-284 Peaceful interlude focusing on rebuilding and relationships.
Avatar Arc 285-303 A new dark guild emerges, and Fairy Tail confronts a familiar enemy.
Final Arc 304-328 Final showdown and a glimpse into Fairy Tail’s future.

Note: This is a general breakdown of the story arcs. Some arcs may overlap slightly with episode ranges.

What to expect with filler episodes

A still from Fairy Tail anime
A still from Fairy Tail anime (Image via Studio A-1 Pictures)

As mentioned earlier, the “Key of the Starry Sky Arc” (Episodes 125-150) is considered filler. Filler episodes are not part of the main storyline from the manga and are created specifically for the anime. While some viewers enjoy filler episodes for introducing new characters or light-hearted stories, others may find them interrupting the main plot.

Where to watch Fairy Tail anime other than YouTube

Fairy Tail main cast with their Guild leader at the backdrop
Where to watch Fairy Tail anime (Image via Crunchyroll)

While YouTube offers a free option to watch Fairy tail anime, there are other streaming services with additional benefits:

  • Subscription-based Streaming Services: These platforms offer Fairy tail anime alongside a vast library of anime and other content, often with simulcasts (same-day releases as Japan) and simul dubs (English dubs released shortly after the Japanese version). Here are some popular options:
    • Crunchyroll: A dedicated anime streaming service with Fairy Tail anime available in both subtitled and dubbed versions. Crunchyroll offers a free tier with limited features and advertisements, or a premium subscription for ad-free viewing, simulcasts, and offline downloads.
    • Hulu: This general streaming service includes Fairy Tail anime in its library. A subscription grants access to the entire series, including dubbed episodes.
    • NetflixFairy tail anime is obviously available on the most popular streaming platform at minimal rate.
  • Digital Purchase: Certain platforms allow you to purchase individual episodes or entire seasons of Fairy Tail anime for permanent ownership. Here are some options:
    • Apple TV: Episodes and seasons of Fairy Tail anime are available for purchase on the Apple TV store.
    • Microsoft Store: Similar to Apple TV, the Microsoft Store allows you to purchase individual episodes or seasons of Fairy tail anime to download and watch on compatible devices.
    • Amazon Prime Video: While not included with a Prime subscription, Fairy Tail anime can be purchased on Amazon Prime Video for individual episodes or complete seasons.

Additional resource before FAIRY TAIL 100 Year Quest


For viewers who may want to explore the original content of Fairy Tail universe after watching the anime, can read the FAIRY TAIL Manga, the original source material by Hiro Mashima.

By following this guide, viewers can enjoy the complete Fairy Tail anime experience for free on YouTube before the release of FAIRY TAIL 100 Year Quest. Remember to check the episode release schedule to ensure you don’t miss any of the exciting adventures, till then, Adios.

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