Where to watch Oshi No Ko?

Where to watch Oshi No Ko

Where to watch Oshi no Ko anime? This popular manga series was written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. The anime adaptation of the series was released in 2023, and many fans of the manga were eagerly anticipating its release. The story follows the themes of rebirth and revenge in an oddly glamorous way.

Doctor Gorou Amemiya is made responsible for delivering the children of Ai Hoshino, a Japanese idol whom he admires, whilst keeping it hushed from the public ears. Unfortunately, on the night of Ai’s delivery, Gorou is murdered by an obsessive fan of Ai’s and is reincarnated as Aquamarine “Aqua” Hoshino, Ai’s son. He still retains his memories of his previous life and gets born along with his Ruby Hoshino, who is also a reincarnation of a sick patient under Gorou’s care.

All was going well until four years later when Ai gets murdered by the same obsessive fan, who ends up committing suicide later. However, Aqua pieces together that the murder seems connected and led to one common link: his and Ruby’s father. With revenge on his mind, he sets his sight on the entertainment agency and vows to meet his father to avenge his mother and his past life.

Where to watch Oshi no Ko?

The question on everyone’s mind was whether the anime lived up to the manga fans’ expectations. Well, we pieced together a list of sites where you can watch the anime “Oshi No Ko” so that you can join them and make up your mind about it-

  1. HiDive: HiDive is an official streaming platform for the release of Oshi No Ko. It is an easy-to-use platform dedicated to anime and Asian drama series. It offers a wide selection of licensed anime titles, including popular series, classics, and new releases. While many anime usually release on Crunchyroll first, Oshi No Ko took a different route with its streaming services and chose HiDive, which bought it to the spotlight for many new users.
  2. Netflix: It is also available on the popular streaming platform, Netflix. Netflix is a good option for anyone who wants an extensive anime library, multilingual audio and subtitles, and personalized recommendations. It also contains many original anime productions like “Castlevania,” “Aggretsuko,” “Devilman Crybaby,” and “Beastars” to name a few.
  3. Ani-One Asia: It is a streaming platform that specializes in providing anime content to audiences in various parts of Asia. It offers a wide selection of licensed anime series, both popular and niche on its YouTube channel.


Where to watch Oshi No Ko
Ai Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino | Courtesy of Doga Kobo Studios

In conclusion, the “Oshi no Ko” anime has largely lived up to the expectations of many fans of the manga. The only reason for concern is the pacing of the anime which may be a bit too fast for some viewers, overall, Oshi no Ko is a compelling and emotionally resonant anime that is worth watching for fans of the manga and newcomers alike.

However, it’s important to note that the anime may break your heart in the very first episode, especially if you’re sensitive to death scenes, so exercise caution and keep a packet of tissues ready to wipe your tears away.

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