Who would win in a battle of Psychic abilities: Mob vs. Tatsumaki?

Mob vs. Tatsumaki

Watching anime and engaging in fan wars can be fun, but you know what takes the cake for being the most exciting of all? Putting characters from different universes against each other, establishing a common ground, and finding out who’s superior in terms of powers.

A classic example of this would be, ‘Can he beat Goku though?’. No, nobody can. With that said, today we have established psychic abilities as the common ground and the characters battling it out are Mob vs. Tatsumaki. 

  • The power system of One Punch Man is explored in a better way as compared to Mob Psycho 100.
  • We have a proper structure with the heroes and the monsters. The rating system of the hero association gives us a fair idea about the different attributes that contribute to a character’s overall strength.

With that let’s explore the abilities of both the characters to determine who would win in a battle of psychic abilities: Mob or Tatsumaki?

Psychic Abilities

Mob (Shigeo Kageyama)

Mob Psycho 100
A still from Mob Psycho anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Mob’s strength and powers are centered around his psychic abilities. He can diverge these abilities to form a series of attacks that are both emotionally and physically harmful to his opponents. His key strength also comes from his emotions and to some extent his loved ones as well. 

  • Using telekinesis, he can move physical objects at will. Their magnitude differs from pebbles to buildings. He can sense the presence of others, foes, and friends alike. This helps him in detecting threats, putting him on his guard. 
  • He can protect himself from physical attacks on a smaller scale.
Mob Shigeo
Mob | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Mob can extract the energy from others and their attacks using it as his own. He can do the same using emotions. The intensity of his emotions is the catalyst to lethal attacks. The percentage at which he feels an emotion determines the impact of his moves. He has grown accustomed to this power which has led to an increased tolerance when it comes to emotions. 

At last, Mob can perform Astral Projection and enter the minds and bodies of his opponents. There are some unanswered questions about his powers. 


Tatsumaki from One Punch Man | Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse

Firstly, Tatsumaki is the strongest Psychic in her universe. Most of what we know of her is from how others in the world perceive her. She’s feared as the strongest psychic with top-tier strength and speed as well. She’s one of the most valued heroes of the organization. The true demonstration of the extent of her strength could be seen in her battle against Psykos. 

  • Her psychokinesis is unparalleled. She can use it to destroy buildings, manipulate gigantic objects using them as weapons, and sense people from a long distance. She can amplify her attacks and move at fast speeds with her psychic abilities. Her strength can be more jarring than the effects of natural disasters as well.
  • She can also defend herself and others using barriers, manipulating the layers at will. This helps her trap her opponents and immobilize them. In this way, the barrier acts as an offensive and defensive move simultaneously. 

Who would win: Mob vs. Tatsumaki?

Tatsumaki being a menace | Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse and Studio J.C. Staff

We’ve established the basic abilities, powers, and attacks of both characters. The powers of Tatsumaki are more fleshed out as compared to Mob.

  • We need to consider Mob’s unwillingness to fight as he deems it unethical to manipulate others.
  • In a physical battle, Tatsumaki would’ve won no doubt. This can turn out to be the case for psychic battles as well. 

Tatsumaki doesn’t fight using psychic abilities solely. She molds them into different forms to boost her physical attacks. She’s also a lot more experienced as compared to Mob. Her job as a hero leads her to physical spars all the time. This has helped her in honing her skills. 

Mob Psycho 100
Mob | Image Courtesy via IMDb

On the other hand, Mob is inexperienced but as a psychic his skills are superior to Tatsumaki. It seems like he still has a lot of untapped potential.

  • He is well-versed in his psychic abilities and can learn new attacks quickly during fights.
  • Although his strongest technique requires emotions.

In a clash of two different fictional universes, it’s hard to predict how emotions will play an important role. Making them a fickle basis altogether. In all his fights, we see him feeling some unpleasant emotions as a result of his loved ones or innocent civilians being attacked. His power comes with a lot of complications as feelings are involved.

Involvement of feelings reminds us of the Spiel Anime newsletter which comes out twice every week. It brings to you interesting write-ups on a wide range of topics with a generous sprinkle of feelings and opinions; that goes beyond the usual wordplay. 


A still from One Punch Man Anime | Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse and Studio J.C. Staff

Although Mob is slightly superior as a psychic, we can’t separate the physical and psychic attributes from one another, when it comes to Tatsumaki. With her experience and her ability to attack and defend simultaneously, Tatsumaki would stand victorious in a battle of psychic abilities against Mob. 

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