Why do the Anime fans hate the Isekai Genre so much?

Why do the Anime fans hate the Isekai Genre so much (1)

With the announcement of the Suicide Squad Isekai anime, the Isekai genre has once again come under the spotlight. Not like it’s ever out with the sheer number of Isekai that come out every year. Isekai has some of the most famous anime titles under its name like Re: Zero, Konosuba, Inuyasha, and Overlord.

Why do the Anime fans hate the Isekai Genre so much (1)
Subaru from Re: Zero | Image Courtesy via IMDb

At the same time, a huge chunk of Isekai is so bad that they tweak the entire perception of the genre. Over time the genre has become one of the most hated brackets for any anime to fall under. The reasons range from similar structure to the difference between good and bad Isekai shows. Here’s a detailed explanation of why fans hate the Isekai genre so much. 

The same thing over and over again 


All the modern-day Isekai follow the same structure. The reincarnation and a bland MC without much of a personality is how it all starts. The anime under the genre have decided to blindly follow the structure and don’t utilize the potential the story holds.

There’s so much to discover for a person getting incarnated into a different world. But the exploration never happens as it should. Mushoku Tensei does this brilliantly. After watching a few Isekai, you can tell how things go down in any Isekai to ever exist. 

Harem and too much of it

Why do the Anime fans hate the Isekai Genre so much (1)
In Another World With My Smartphone | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Harem is another thing you’ll find common in Isekai anime. There are too many females and they exist to chase the main character who never justifies the love he receives.
  • At the end of the day, some Isekai just comes down to male wish fulfillment and it stings more because of the obvious potential the plot holds.

To make it even worse, the harem never stops and consistently sticks around only to get more annoying with every episode. Overlord maintains a good balance of the harem and fanservice by not overdoing it. 

The newly defined Isekai


The definition of Isekai has come down to harem, overpowered MC, low-effort execution, and money-making machine. This is the main problem with the Isekai genre. The potential has been brought down to fan service and all the plot holes are compensated by no consequences for everything the MC does. There’s no context as to the previous world the MC was a part of. 

Conclusion: Good Isekai Exist

Why do the Anime fans hate the Isekai Genre so much (1)
Sword Art Online anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The trend of Isekai has been around for way too long but Sword Art Online made it popular, followed by Re: Zero and The Time I Got reincarnated as a slime. Isekai isn’t everything bad but fake copies of poorly done tropes and the speed at which they come out, all of this gives the Isekai genre a bad reputation. 

The Isekai genre is hated because of everything listed above but there’s more to the genre beyond this hate. It’s still one of the most popular genres and that says a lot about the division in the fandom.


In conclusion, this hate doesn’t obstruct the good Isekai anime from getting the appreciation they deserve. Even the bad Isekai get fans because something like guilty pleasures exists. Predictability also helps in determining what you’re getting yourself into. Hopefully, good Isekai will redefine what the Isekai genre stands for. 


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