Breaking down why Frieren was able to defeat Aura

Breaking down why Frieren was able to defeat Aura

Aura was shown to be an evil demon lord who was incapable of experiencing defeat. Yet, Frieren was able to completely demolish her. How is this possible? Why was she able to defeat the demon lord so easily? It has been well-explained in Episode 10 of Frieren Beyond Journey’s End, yet I believe there’s more to this trick than it seems. In this article, I will explore why Frieren was able to defeat Aura so easily and what it means for her character.

Episode 10 Recap

After Fern defeated Lügner in the most badass way possible, the demon was confident that they could do nothing to stop the invasion and the death march of Aura. However, as Frieren’s disciple, she was pretty confident in her master’s abilities to defeat one of the Demon Lord’s commanders. Dumbfounded by her confidence, he wonders how a girl with such weak mana was able to defeat him.

Lügner remarking the low mana pool of Fern
Lügner remarking the low mana pool of Fern | Courtesy of Madhouse

That is when he comes upon the secret of Fern and Frieren’s strength and he shames them as a mage. The screen shifts to the other battle as Aura confidently mocks Frieren on her lack of mana that she needs to defeat the commander. Confident in her strength, she moves closer to Frieren to deal the final blow, however, we know that is not what’s about to happen.

In between the conversation between the two time-bound enemies, we are shown flashbacks of Frieren’s past with her master Flamme the genius. As her fast unfolds we slowly understand the strength behind these two impeccable mages and why Frieren is her best student. Fast forward to the present where Aura’s arrogance leads to her downfall as the Scale of Obedience tip towards Frieren.

Why was Frieren able to defeat Aura?

Flamme accepting the shame of Mages
Flamme accepting the shame of Mages | Courtesy of Madhouse

Throughout the Flashback, the secret to how Flamme, Frieren, and Fern are able to defeat demons is shown to us. Here’s how they are able to do it:

  • Demons are proud creatures, and their mana is the source of their pride. It is also a means that dictates their position in their social circle’s hierarchy.
  • As such they do not hide it and boast about their mana openly to all. For them, hiding such an important requirement of identity is foolish.
  • Flamme realized this very soon and monopolized their arrogance.
  • She learned to conceal her mana and maintain a very low aura to deceive the Demons. She refined her ability to such an extent no one could distinguish her restraint mana aura from a normal aura.
Frieren remarking that Flamme is a powerful mage
Frieren remarking that Flamme is a powerful mage | Courtesy of Madhouse
  • This fooled the Demons successfully as they never considered her seriously due to her low Mana aura. For them, she could never be a threat, but that’s where they went wrong.
  • The three mages used this blindspot and had their opponents lowered their guard. Blinded by their own strength, they were taken out as they failed to gauge their enemy.

This is how Frieren was able to defeat Aura and Fern was able to defeat Lügner. Lügner underestimated Fern’s pool of Mana and fought defensively to tire her down. This only led to his defense losing its strength considerably and as he slipped for a moment, he lost.

Similarly, Aura was pretty confident in her Scale of Obedience’s magic Auserlese would render her opponent useless in the face of her gigantic mana pool. However, she could not calculate that Frieren had a larger mana pool than hers, as she simply tried to gauge her opponent’s strength by looking at their aura. This is what led to their downfall.

Aura's mana pool
Aura’s mana pool | Courtesy of Madhouse

If you noticed, all three mages have their name starting with F. Coincidence? I think not. However, if it was really intended is something we will have to ask the author. What’s not a coincidence is Spiel Anime’s Newsletter brings amazing and exciting anime content from all over the community to your fingertips twice a week!! Unbelievable but I kid you not. Subscribe here to join in on the fun.

What does this mean for the three mages?

Lügner shaming Frieren and Fern
Lügner shaming Frieren and Fern | Courtesy of Madhouse

This life of restricting their mana aura meant that the three of them have to live with the shame of a Mage. Hiding your mana aura is considered an act comparable to a taboo in the circle of mages, and these three have voluntarily accepted such a life. This also meant that they would never be appreciated for how powerful they truly were. Their true strength and true personality would always remain hidden from everyone.

However, someone who sees beyond the appearance of a person would surely be able to understand their strength. This is something we have twice happened in the show.

  • One was when Frieren remarked that Flamme was a powerful mage despite not knowing her true mana pool.
  • The other time was when Himmel remarked that Frieren was a strong mage when he met her for the first time.
Himmel remarking that Frieren is a strong mage
Himmel remarking that Frieren is a strong mage | Courtesy of Madhouse

Nonetheless, there are very low chances that they will meet someone who could understand them at first glance. Their decision to hide their true mana to defeat the Demons is an awe-inspiring and honorable one. This is what they have chosen and this is how we saw Fern and Frieren defeat Lügner and Aura, respectively.

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