Why the Mignon Anime is every girl’s wildest fantasy

Doctor and Mignon piggyback ride in Mignon anime

Remember those times when vampires were all the rage? Well, those times never ended because vampires never go out of fashion. Mignon Anime came out in 2023, a boy’s love story between a human and a vampire. While the vampire doctor is a strong reason why Mignon BL is so popular among its female fans, that can’t be all there is to it. Mignon offers a lot with a wide variety of themes from boxing to the supernatural. So today we visit the realm of degeneracy and find out why Mignon Anime is so popular among the female audience! 

Mignon anime and its popularity among the female audience 

No Social Restraints

Mignon looking at the doctor in Mignon BL
Mignon looking at the doctor lovingly | Image Courtesy of ABJ Company

The two main characters go through a lot of highs and lows together. The doctor is a vampire and has to keep his identity hidden for obvious reasons whereas Mignon gets abused by his coach daily. As they steer their way through life, we witness them experiencing a series of emotions towards each other.

In the beginning, Mignon is sensitive and clingy, truly a butler(swain) in love. He depends on the doctor entirely and the tiniest bit of attention from him is enough for Mignon. But when they get together, he transforms into a reliable partner who takes charge of situations. The doctor goes through a similar trajectory, at first he puts up a strong front that couldn’t care less about his lover. But by the end, he’s actively relying on his beloved. 

Having men display their emotions so honestly without putting up a ‘masculine’ front is extremely appealing. Additionally, even within the relationship, they give their best as and when they can. No gender roles are being followed, they both receive and provide support when they’re capable of doing it. 


The doctor vampire in Mignon BL Anime
The doctor while looking for Mignon | Image Courtesy of ABJ Company

Vampires (or werewolves for that matter) embody the traits women stereotypically find desirable in a man, primarily aggression and strength which gets interpreted as the ability to protect when needed. Beyond that stern exterior lies a kind and soft heart; the idea of being the only one to access that hidden kindness is appealing to women. Plus, it makes the woman feel more special as she has a certain special effect on an otherwise bad or dangerous character. This makes the suitor both vulnerable and fierce. A more nuanced approach to this idea is explored in the book ‘A Billion Wicked Thoughts’. 

As for Mignon, while there are no scenes of the vampire looking at their beloved while sleeping, there are a lot of cool vampire scenes. Mignon’s transformation to a vampire is visually stunning. The moment when Mignon tempts the doctor with his blood shouldn’t be as moving as it ends up being. With that scene, the spice level went through the roof.

This supernatural element also made room for interesting developments creating extreme situations. How their wellbeing was at risk as they became the targets of the mafia. The stakes were raised to an unnerving height with an insane amount of tension when Mignon’s coach left him all alone or when he was hit with a wrench. This build-up hooks the audience to the plot, leaving them in wait for the moment when the suffering eventually ends. 

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And they live happily ever after

Mignon and doctor looking at each other
A still from Mignon anime | Image Courtesy of ABJ Company

And the suffering does end! Mignon’s character always suffered, up until the end. The scenes with his coach and in the ring are painful to watch and the only person he counts on also turns him away at a point. There are so many death flags with the extremities that the viewer is prepared for one of them to die. All those expectations complete a full circle when Mignon almost dies.

When all hopes are lost, we’re met with a happy ending for the two characters. They continue their lives as a lovely couple with the barrier of their differences gone.  


The Doctor in Mignon anime
Image Courtesy of ABJ Company

To sum it up, men showing emotions and vulnerability, a romance free of gender roles, and vampires are all the reasons Mignon Anime is so loved by its female fans. The handsome men and the spice levels don’t get a mention because those come secondary (a blatant lie). Additionally, when vampires come together with boys and romance, the three musketeers pierce their way through the hearts of the female fans, and memorably so! 

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