Why One Punch Man Season 3 wasn’t announced in Mappa Stage

Why One Punch Man Season 3 wasn't announced in Mappa Stage (2)

One Punch Man is an action-comedy superhero manga-anime series with a huge fandom. Season 2 which came out in 2019 didn’t satiate the fans and they’ve been looking forward to One Punch Man season 3. With no concrete information from the studios and rumors running around, the fans were awaiting an announcement at the MAPPA Stage 2023.

Why One Punch Man Season 3 wasn't announced in Mappa Stage (2)
Image Courtesy of Studio J.C. Staff

The fans of One Punch Man have very high standards for their favorite anime. And they are not to blame, One punch Man is a webcomic written by ONE. The webcomic was adapted into a Manga by Yusuke Murata as a collaboration with ONE. Yusuke Murata is a perfectionist and also a fan of the webcomic himself.

Why One Punch Man Season 3 wasnt announced in Mappa stage
Season 3 celebratory visual by ONE | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

He takes his time drawing the perfection that he thinks One Punch Man is, which leads to delays in the release of chapters of the manga. The delay is more than made up for by the top-notch quality of the manga. 

One Punch Man anime has 2 seasons as of now. Season 1 of One Punch Man came out in 2015 produced by Studio Madhouse. It set the bar high for its successors.

Why One Punch Man Season 3 wasn't announced in Mappa Stage (2)
Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse

Why MAPPA stage 2023 had no One Punch Man announcements?

The fans have been waiting for updates on season 3 of the anime with the expectations of quality animation. They expected MAPPA stage 2023 to finally lift the curtains on the trailer, some visuals, or maybe just a confirmation. None of that happened because MAPPA never made any official promise that they were working on the project. 


Everything started on Twitter, where a popular Shounen anime page made a tweet, which was later deleted, stating that MAPPA will be animating season 3. It was a rumor or speculation and fans with no other studios in sight set all their hopes on MAPPA stage 2023; the event where MAPPA reveals the development of all the projects they are working on. 

As the studio never claimed to have any association with the project yet, they had no announcements to make.

Fans were let down by season 2

The standards set by season 1 weren’t met by season 2. There was an apparent decline in the animation quality. This happened due to the change in the animation team and the studios. Season 2 was produced by J.C. staff.

This change wasn’t welcomed by the fans of the anime and received heavy criticism. The animation of season 2 wasn’t that bad per se but season 1 was just that good in comparison. 

Why One Punch Man Season 3 wasn't announced in Mappa Stage (4)
Image Courtesy of Studio Madhouse

The anime has a huge fanbase. The art style of the manga is top tier and so is the animation of Season 1. Similar things were expected from season 2 and now from season 3.


There were no updates on One Punch Man season 3 again during the MAPPA stage 2023 much to fans’ disappointment. They might announce it shortly or never at all. Maybe some other studio is working on the project, but that is all a matter of the future. The One Punch Man fandom is back to square one with the question ‘Which studio is producing season 3 of One Punch Man’?

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