Why was One Punch Man Chapter 185 delayed?

Why was One Punch Man Chapter 185 delayed

One punch man chapter 185 was supposed to come out on May 18th at midnight but there was a delay in the release of the chapter. Fans have been looking forward to the new chapter for quite some time with the last release of chapter 184 on May 4th. One Punch Man is an action-comedy manga series with a webcomic and an anime adaptation as well.  

Quick Recap of Chapter 184

In the last chapter Scout, we saw Tatsukamki getting scouted for a commercial about recruiting heroes for the hero association. Initially, she doesn’t seem willing to be in the commercial but her acceptance of the offer is Saitama’s influence on her.

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The commercial does well but Tatsumaki is pissed at the use of AI to make her look cuter. On the surface, recruitment is a preparation for the attacks that might happen in the future with all the dangerous monsters appearing every day. It’s just a money-making scheme of the association.

There’s an attempt to recruit Axel with incentives such as an S rank but he rejects the offer mentioning the malpractices and his distrust towards the hero association.

Why was One Punch Man Chapter 185 delayed (2)
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We get to see more characters getting recruited for the hero association. There’s a reveal about a new Hero association which is a mystery. There’s an attempt to scout Raiden as well. But Raiden is also a part of the new Hero organization. We only see Saitama on the cover page and at the end spitting out his drink after seeing the Tatsumaki acting cute in the commercial on the tv which is unusual in itself.

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Why was One Punch Man Chapter 185 Delayed?

One punch man chapter 185 is delayed and is on hiatus till June 1st. The delay in the manga is a result of the health of Yusuke Murata. The mangaka was unwell at the start of May which led to a delay in the release schedule of chapter 185. 

Murata tweeted about his health getting better and the new release date for the chapter which is 1st June 2023. The official English translation will release afterwards by Viz. Murata has been transparent about his health condition with the fans of the manga.

This is not the first time a delay in the release schedule of a manga has happened. Eichiro Oda, the mangaka of one piece started taking regular breaks after constant health difficulties. He was also given a one-month break by Shounen Jump which is a very rare case scenario for the magazine.

The work schedule of a mangaka is very hectic and the weekly or even bi-monthly schedule can be very hard to keep up with. We hope that the mangaka gets to rest well within the tiresome schedule. He keeps on drawing manga along with looking after his health. 


With this chapter, the One Punch Man manga is diving into the next arc while almost catching up with the webcomic. There’s still some time for that but the webcomic is on a hold. Will the webcomic continue to stay on hiatus or will the serialisation resume?

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