Why was the release of Solo Leveling Episode 8 Delayed this week?

Solo Leveling Episode 8 delayed due to Sung Jinwoo voice actor being ill.

Solo Leveling Episode 8 delayed its release following a mid-season hiatus and will not be returning with the remaining five episodes to sum up the first season of the anime until early next month. Solo Leveling anime has garnered a huge fan following and has continued to captivate hearts with the tale of Sung Jinwoo. It is an extremely intensive piece of work and a delay with the Solo Leveling episode 8 comes as a shocking newsbreak for fans worldwide.

In this article, we shall be looking at why Solo Leveling Episode 8 delayed its release this week and why a recap under the label Solo Leveling Episode 7.5 is in the pipeline for February 2024.

Why was the release of Solo Leveling Episode 8 delayed in the middle of the season?

  • Solo Levelling episode 8 was abruptly postponed in favor of a mid-season review episode. The official X (formerly Twitter) account for the popular television anime series informed fans of the last-minute rescheduling at around 10:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time on February 17, 2024.
  • The primary factor for the decision to delay the release of Solo Leveling’s eighth episode was Taito Ban’s health, the voice actor of Sung Jinwoo in the Japanese version. It was revealed a week or so ago that Taito Ban tested positive for COVID-19.
  • This implies that normal operations cannot continue since they would expose his fellow cast members and production crew to the danger of infection.
Sung Jinwoo Levels up and becomes stronger in Solo Leveling anime
A scene from the Solo Leveling anime. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

The Solo Leveling Episode 8 release delayed due to certain unforeseeable circumstances, but that doesn’t confirm all of the fans’ speculations and fears. To be precise, fans are worried that Solo Leveling anime might conclude its first season at this point and return for another cour later on. While this sounds very much like a possibility, it has already been confirmed by the officials and the production team at Solo Leveling that the season will definitely conclude with 12 episodes.

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When will Solo Leveling Episode 8 release?

The Solo Leveling Episode 8 release has been stated and announced for March 2, 2024, at 0900 hrs Pacific Time. Fortunately, the wait won’t be too lengthy, and even if viewers detest recap episodes, seeing them might help allay a major concern of theirs: the slowing down of the show’s pace. Fans of the Solo Levelling anime were concerned about the show’s future prospects due to the delay, however, episode 8 is scheduled to premiere on March 2, 2024.

Jinwoo is injured while fighting with the Cerberus in Solo Leveling Episode 7
Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling anime. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

The forthcoming episode is titled “This Is Frustrating.” Jin-Woo eventually discovers the one and only means to save his mother in the most recent episode. Making the Elixir of Life, however, is difficult as it calls for uncommon components and sophisticated techniques. The episode will also include a mission with criminals who all have their own agendas, as well as Kang Taeshik, a member of the Hunter Association’s Surveillance Team.

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Solo Leveling Episode 7.5 – what is it about?

The recap episode or Solo Leveling Episode 7.5 titled “How to Get Stronger” will drop to replace Episode 8 of the series. This episode will summarize everything that has been covered in the anime so far and will provide a thorough revisit to Sung Jinwoo’s journey. Jinwoo is the protagonist who constantly levels up, and lately, he has encountered choices that make him commit some staining actions. The remainder of his journey will therefore prove to be very crucial and a recap of everything that makes him stronger will help viewers attain a deeper understanding of the plot’s nuances and intricacies.

Jinwoo having a battle with the Cerberus
Jinwoo is injured while fighting the Cerberus in the S-Rank Dungeon. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

In Solo Levelling Episode 7, Sung Jinwoo fought an uphill battle against Cerberus, the Gatekeeper of Hell. In spite of all the chances and destiny, Jinwoo was able to elude death. But now Jinwoo’s life is in danger from several additional subplots. He feels conflicted about the changes in his life and questions them all the time. In addition, he looks for treatment for his family’s condition and even considers accepting Yoo Jinhoo’s thirty billion dollar offer. However, Dongsoo and the Hunter’s Association are after him; the former is for intrigue and investigation, and the latter for vengeance and retaliation.

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The Solo Leveling episode 8 release date has been stated and it is only a week’s wait before the new episode hits our screens. On a side note, it might actually be good for the fans to have a recap of all the minute details of the plot before moving on further, which includes the Double Dungeon Incident, the System and its mysteries, and finally the fate of Jinwoo. For more such anime updates, subscribe to our newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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