Why will fans be disappointed with the ending of One Piece?

Luffy One Piece

The ending of One Piece is next to the most intriguing mysteries of the colossal world that we’re a part of. The manga has entered the final saga and as the ending draws closer, fans are anticipating the end of the One Piece more than ever.

Despite the anticipation and Oda’s masterly skills, the reception of Gear 5 and the relationship between Oda and fans ring some warning bells for the ending. The ending of One Piece will disappoint some fans, and let’s find out why that seems to be the case. 

Oda’s relationship with fans 


Over 25 years, Eiichiro Oda has expanded the world of manga without any restraints. He continues to introduce mysteries even so far out in the story. He also follows a pattern of revealing important plot lines in segments, driving us impatient at times.

  • This might turn out to be a problem with the current status of the manga, as there are too many plot lines or loose ends that need to be tied up. 
  • While most fans are respectful to the creator and his creation. Some take it to the next level by worshiping both. They forget that at the end of the day, One Piece is fiction and it’s entirely up to Oda how the story progresses and eventually ends. 
One Piece villains
Big Mom and Kaido in Wano Arc | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Putting him on a pedestal and expecting his absolute best at all times is impractical. So if the ending is less than perfect and not directly bestowed upon us from God (Goda) himself, the worshippers will be in for some disappointment. 

This is what happened with Gear 5 as well. Fans didn’t feel satisfied with the lack of foreshadowing. Although if you consider the pattern Oda follows with revealing information, there was enough evidence to suggest the introduction of Gear 5. 

How will fans react to the ending of One Piece?

Luffy Gear 5
A still from One Piece anime featuring Gear 5 Luffy | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The reception of Gear 5 was mostly positive but there was a loud minority speaking against it, nitpicking everything about the power-up. If it’s just a loud ‘minority’, why does it matter what they think? There are millions of One Piece fans, the minority also consists of a huge number of people even though it’s proportionally minor. 

We can expect the ending to face a similar fate as  Attack on Titan which is massively popular and always has been. The manga tackled a lot of complex ideas and in the end, fans were unsatisfied with how it was wound up in the end. The expectations were set extremely high, and the simple ending failed to meet those expectations.

Garp and baby Luffy
Garp and Luffy in Ace’s flashback after the Marineford arc | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Similarly, the expectations for the ending are extremely high, many people already have an idea of how they want One Piece to end. With so many expectations, loose ends, and his love for the story Oda has a lot to do. If he fails to tick any of the boxes, he can get severe backlash. 


the ending of One Piece
Monkey D. Luffy standing in front of Onigashima in One Piece anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

With all that said, Oda has proved his knack for storytelling countless times. He might end up creating something close to perfect. In that case, he will blow our minds one more time. No matter what he decides to do with the story, it’s his story in the end and he should put his hard work of decades to rest however he deems it fitting. 

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