Will Andy’s Death be a good Undead Unluck ending?

Will Andy's Death be a good Undead Unluck ending

Undead Unluck is an eccentric story, filled with humor, moving toward an ending that demands the death of one of its characters. But is that truly the ending that the show needs or can there be a different ending altogether that gives it more justice? Would Andy’s death really be a good ending?

In this article, I’ll dive into all the other routes that the show could take on, and why this specific ending will be the better one out of all of them objectively. If you like our detailed analysis of anime endings, subscribe to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter, where we bring more detailed and analyzed content from all over the community, not once but twice a week!!

Undead Unluck Volume 5 Cover
Undead Unluck Volume 5 Cover exhibits sadness in Andy | Courtesy of Jump

Undead Unluck

For the past decade, Fuuko has been suffering from a condition where anyone who touches her has been served with extreme misfortune. Staggering to continue living, she finally decides to end her life after completing her favorite manga. However, her attempt at it is stopped by a man who touches her. As she is filled with guilt over the death she caused him, she finds him in front of her again, slowly regenerating his entire body.

Fuuko from Undead Unluck
Fuuko | Courtesy of David Production

This man is immortal and wishes to die. Naming him Andy, she teams up to give him the best possible death for his seemingly impossible condition. The story progresses as the duo falls into multiple situations staged by a mysterious organization, giving them opportunity after opportunity to achieve their goal.

How could the show end?

The show is very nonchalant about its plot. It has been moving pretty chaotically toward its end goal. This makes alternate endings seem more plausible. There are 3 ways the story could end:

  • Andy dies and the premise with which the story started is reached. This gives the story a mono-directional aspect.
  • The main duo might fall in love with each other and aspire to find a solution to stay together. The story diverges from the main point, yet is still mono-directional.
  • The duo never finds a solution and accepts the way their life has been. The story completely shifts focus and becomes multi-directional at this point.
Andy from Undead Unluck
Andy | Courtesy of David Production

The story can diverge in its goal in the above-mentioned way, but the way it gets executed might give routes to many other alternate endings. However, only one ending screams justice for the bizarre plot that we have found ourselves in.

Why Andy dying is the best route for ending?

One of the main characters of the show, Andy, has been experimented on for a long while. His immortality is the result of all those tests. For someone who seems so happy and enthusiastic, he carries within himself a traumatic past that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many would have wished to end their life, which unfortunately they would have been stripped of.

  • Andy’s dilemma is much more than simply getting rid of his condition of being an undead.
  • It is an inherent and conscious want to become human again.
  • It is a cry for help to the world to not be seen as a monster.
  • His desire to die is deeper than mere curiosity.
Andy from Undead Unluck
Andy | Courtesy of David Production

His death would enable the story to come full circle and be true to how it started. Killing off Andy at the end will give him peace and also give him the chance to die as a human. This will also act as a major hint toward curing other similar conditions, such as Fuuko’s contact misfortune.

Since Andy can regenerate himself again and again, testing it on him is the best way to see if anything can negate their condition. As such, if there’s anything that would kill, something similar of that nature will also help take away Fuuko’s condition.


Andy’s death gives much more clearance to the story than a simple “oh I found a solution for our condition, now we can be happy together” ending. It brings depth to this satirical charade of human desperation and also makes the character become something more than comedic relief. The story is continuing in both anime and manga, and we can only hope that nothing similar to the “Attack on Titan ending” scene happens here.

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