Will Arajin get together with Mahoro in Bucchigiri?

Will Arajin get together with Mahoro in Bucchigiri

MAPPA’s anime original project Bucchigiri has made it to our online screens and it is amazing. From a clean visual experience, as expected of MAPPA, to slapstick humor not often seen in the current Shonen, the show is brimming with potential. With a Chainsaw Man approach for the protagonist, what begs the question right in the minds of everyone who has watched the first episode is – “Will Arajin get together with Mahoro?”

I am so curious about this and with not much to go on, I am going to pool in my epic anime knowledge to see if we get to see them together. With hints from the first episodes and the incredible record of Shonen romance stored in the community’s history, the article will strive to satisfy your curiosity. Buckle up and let’s set go!!

• Meeting Arajin •

Will Arajin get together with Mahoro in Bucchigiri
Arajin’s reaction to meeting Mahoro | Courtesy of MAPPA

Tomoshibi Arajin is Bucchigir’s protagonist who wants a normal high school teenage life. But life has something else stored for him. Enrolling into the prefecture that is riddled with delinquents, so much so that there are two factions that govern the school – Siguma Squad and Minato Kai. If this wasn’t enough, in one of his escapes from a rival school’s delinquent faction, he stumbles upon a Majin who could fulfill his one wish.

Wanting to get laid, he wishes to lose his virginity. Arajin is now stuck with a spirit that haunts him till his wish is fulfilled. However, his choice of person for his youthful romance is more than problematic. Fallen in love with the younger sister of Siguma Squad’s head, will he be able to win Mahoro’s heart over?

• Meeting Mahoro •

Will Arajin get together with Mahoro in Bucchigiri
Jin Mahoro | Courtesy of MAPPA

Jin Mahoro is the prettiest girl in Arajin’s class and probably in the entire school. But that’s not all. Behind her adorable face, she hides her eccentric brother-con emotions. She pairs up with the protagonist to play him around and when her brother finds her with Arajin, she purposefully sets the situation in a way that enrages her brother.

This leads Marito to beat the shit out of Arajin, while she stands on the side and relishes in delight to see her brother being overprotective over her. Her entire motivation to get on with someone seems to gain her brother’s attention. A true brother-con who would go to any lengths to get what she wants. Paired with her sis-con brother, she is almost a red light blaring in our eyes.

• Will Arajin get together with Mahoro •

Despite the thrashing, Arajin will continue to pursue Mahoro with his might because he fell head over heels for her. Not seeing that it was her who was responsible for worsening the situation and not saving him when he was getting thrashed, he will try his best again to win her over and get laid. Maybe this is MAPPA’s way of doing a crossover because this is clearly Denji behavior.

Will Arajin get together with Mahoro in Bucchigiri
Arajin and Mahoro | Courtesy of MAPPA

Well, moving on, the main question is, does he stand a chance? We have two reasons to believe that they will get together:

  • Considering how opening songs almost always hint toward what’s going to happen in the story, Bucchigiri’s opening openly hints that their relationship will be explored further in future episodes.
  • This is presumptuous, however, there is a lack of female characters who would act as a romantic interest for Arajin. This makes her an important character in his quest to fulfill his wish.

Her personality makes it hard to imagine a relationship between them. She is a hardcore brother-con, which makes it less likely for Arajin to win her over. However, there is one thing that we might be overlooking. Considering it’s not her brother-con that motivates her to seek her brother’s attention but instead an affection for a strong individual. This would change how things are being looked at. If it is simply a strong person she wants to be with, Arajin surely fits the description.

Will Arajin get together with Mahoro in Bucchigiri
Mahoro enjoying her brother’s attention | Courtesy of MAPPA

Maybe not currently, but soon with the story progressing, he will become strong enough to reach the peak of his school. Till then, Mahoro will have her sights on her brother because there is no one stronger than him in the school, with Matakara’s skills close enough to somehow rival him.

• Conclusion •

So, will they get together? It is highly probable that they will. Unless a new female character is introduced to rival Mahoro, Arajin is set to win her over. Even in a situation with a love rival, the story should progress in a direction where Mahoro will slowly gain interest in him. Stay updated with what happens with the duo by subscribing to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter, which brings you the latest of everything that goes around the anime community, twice a week!!

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