Will Chainsaw Man movie conclude Part 1 of the story?

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man season 1 ended on quite the defining note for the story when it comes to the tone it wanted to set for the future of the story and the direction that our characters are going to take.

But while Season 2 is still under wraps when it comes to any announcement, it seems MAPPA is moving the series forward with a theatrical release, which will be covering the much-awaited Bomb Girl arc from the Chainsaw Man Manga.

The 5th arc of Chainsaw Man

One of the fan-favorite arcs from Chainsaw Man Part 1, the Bomb Girl arc serves as the backdrop for some major character development for Denji, as he is given an opportunity for romance with this mysterious new character “Reze” who provides him with a choice to escape the world with her and abandon the life that he has built with his fellow Devil Hunters.

Denji and Reze
Image Courtesy: Weekly Shounen Magazine

This arc serves as a very good ideological analogy for Denji and also acts as a good backdrop for the much darker activities of the Devil Hunter’s Association. This is most likely the reason for why it was chosen for a much grander theatrical release, compared to the rest of Part 1.

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How will this affect later Seasons?

We could only ever theorize how such a marketing decision could affect the production and adaptations for the later seasons of Chainsaw Man, but a few plausible outcomes come to mind such as: –

  • They could be planning to partition the arcs, to end the series with a conjoined final season, with season 2 (which will most likely cover the final 3 arcs left in Chainsaw Man Part 1).
  • One reason that could come to mind is that Chainsaw Man is a series highly dependent on its pacing (which is even more accentuated due to the already taken liberties with its direction as an adaptation of the manga).
  • The studio must be aware of the fact that their adaptation requires careful planning if they want to fulfill their vision of a proper cinematic experience, without jeopardizing the vision of the manga (in that respect, this decision could very well be the catalyst for how Season 2 may turn out in quality).

While this is just major conjecture on our part, we make this deduction on the sole reasoning of the passion behind the project that the Chainsaw Man team has displayed for this project and the faith that Fujimoto as the creator has placed in their vision for this widely beloved series.

Can we expect Season 2 soon?

If we interpret through our conjectures, we could very well be looking forward to an announcement for Chainsaw Man season 2 anytime this fall 2024, and some of the highlights that our viewers could be looking forward to are: –

  • The Devil Hunter’s association must battle assassins across the world, sent to hunt the Chainsaw Man. But the true threats are Santa Claus (a vicious assassin hired by an unknown contractor to capture and bring in Denji), and Quanxi (a femme fatale of the Chinese Government, and also the most dangerous woman in the world).
  • A true look at the hell of Chainsaw Man, and an unfortunate meeting with the Darkness Devil (A being whose presence could very well be the embodiment of true primordial fear), leads to its confrontation with a surprisingly resilient Makima.
Darkness Devil
Image Courtesy: Weekly Shounen Magazine
  • The aforementioned promised day with the war of the Gun Devil and revelations regarding its sheer power and nature may send a chill down your very spine due to the sheer ferocity that this creature represents.


Sufficed to say the Chainsaw Man Movie has a lot that it needs to deliver to provide a seamless experience in its story continuation with the eventual Chainsaw Man Season 2, but conjectures aside what it needs to focus on most is to provide the best possible adaptation for this beloved arc and utilize its theatrical nature to the utmost.

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