Will Dorohedoro Season 2 suffer the Sequel Curse or will it continue its legacy?

Will Dorohedoro Season 2 suffer the Sequel Curse or will it continue its legacy

Since the show’s 2020 Netflix debut, fans of the dark fantasy action anime Dorohedoro have been anxiously anticipating word of a second season.

  • On Tuesday, the official Dorohedoro website revealed that Dorohedoro Season 2 is now in development, ending the four-year wait.
  • Alongside the news, a brand-new key image for the series was revealed, showing the main characters Caiman and Nikaido entering the Hungry Bug restaurant through the front entrance.

Although this news has created an ambiance of excitement among the fandom, it also brings to light the question if the second season will live up to the benchmark set by Dorohedoro Season 1. In this article, we will be looking at the announcement of Dorohedoro Season 2 and speculate if Dorohedoro Season 2 going to suffer the sequel curse or if it continues its legacy!

Dorohedoro Season 1 – a basic plot synopsis

Dorohedoro, based on the dark fantasy manga by Q Hayashida, tells the story of Caiman, an amnesiac mercenary who awakens in the dystopian megacity known as the Hole after being changed into a reptilian-headed beast by a sorcerer. The Hole is a lawless ghetto smothered by pollution and dominated by the whims of magic-obsessed sorcerers. In their quest for magical power, these so-called “sorcerers” abuse and carelessly experiment on the Hole inhabitants, treating them like lab rats.

Will Dorohedoro Season 2 suffer the Sequel Curse or will it continue its legacy
Caiman in Dorohedoro anime. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)
  • Caiman our anti-hero is cursed with a reptile head and an insatiable appetite.
  • To heal himself, Caiman sets out on a quest to find and eliminate the sorcerers who caused his bizarre transformation, with the assistance of Nikaido, the proprietor of a nearby eatery.

That being said, Dorohedoro is hardly a dismal journey in the realm of dystopia. The violence is intercut with witty banter and ridiculous situations, which are frequently brought about by Nikaido’s foul-mouthed charm and the group of similarly strange people that live in the Hole. One of the reasons Dorohedoro is so underappreciated is because, although tackling issues of mortality, identity, and the corrupting impact of power, it never takes itself too seriously.

Will Dorohedoro Season 2 live up to the fans’ expectations?

Dorohedoro Season 2 is likely to be released sometime in 2024, however, no date of premier has been announced by the official production house. That being said, without the availability of a teaser it becomes tough for us to claim whether an anime would live up to our expectations or not. The Dorohedoro storyline is extremely well crafted and the story is a dive into the dystopia of a civilizational conflict.

Moreover, it experiments and explores human psychological traumas and fears in the form of a well-versed expression of the self. That makes Dorohedoro Season 2 all the more exciting. While we wait in anticipation, we must understand that for the anime to deliver us a sequel to the erstwhile storyline it needs to be able to explore and dive deeper into the intricacies of the plot.

Will Dorohedoro Season 2 suffer the Sequel Curse or will it continue its legacy
Dorohedoro anime. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

That being said, we must understand that the plot is a confusing tale about Caiman and gets all the more confusing when we talk about Ebisu’s recipes. With all the layered confusion, let’s not get into setting bars for something that needs its own time and space to be born out of our shared curiosities.

Will Dorohedoro Season 2 face the sequel curse?

A failed second season of a popular anime series has been mostly the case when the story is rushed and delivered with abrupt storytelling. It was evident when The Promised Neverland rushed a compelling story, or when Death Note delivered an empty story with its second season. It was also the case with Psycho-Pass when the plot chose to be lazy and delivered a repetitive narration, or when Tokyo Ghoul’s second season failed to resonate with the storyline at all.

The sequel curse is a theory that suggests that all successful debuts will eventually lead to building momentum and failing to carry the burden of the same in the following seasons.

Will Dorohedoro Season 2 suffer the Sequel Curse or will it continue its legacy
The dystopian land of the Hole in Dorohedoro anime. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

That brings us to the question of whether Dorohedoro Season 2 will also face the sequel curse in the process. With all the confusing subplots involved in Dorohedoro, it might likely lose track of a linear narration in the process of following an idea parallel to the stream of consciousness. That suggests that the story might eventually fail to accommodate the branching narratives that are introduced in the first season.

It is also possible at the same time that Dorohedoro Season 2 will likely break away from the sequel curse and deliver a more fluid presentation of its narrative, bringing down the walls of confusion and chaos that followed the first season.


Dorohedoro is a tale of a confused reality that treats chaos as normative and experiments with the idea of magic realism. It further negates the form and structure of traditional storytelling by introducing a web of theories and graphic scenes that shift the attention of the audience from any fixated opinion about the plot. That makes Dorohedoro Season 2 an extremely interesting addition to the franchise and the excitement among the fandom is hot and high.

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