Will Hell’s Paradise Season 2 conclude the story?

Will Hell’s Paradise Season 2 conclude the story (3)

Hell’s Paradise Season 2 has been officially announced with the first season’s final episode. The season stopped at the perfect point of the story, giving fans much to be curious about. Hell’s Paradise manga is 126 chapters long and the first season was a good and faithful adaptation of the manga. 


The announcement of season 2 reassured fans. Fans want nothing more than a complete adaptation and MAPPA seems to be up for the task. The pacing and the transition from manga to anime have been good so far for Hell’s Paradise. With the second season in the mix now, will we see Season 2 conclude or the story? Or there’ll be more seasons coming up our way?

Hell’s Paradise season 1: How many chapters has the anime covered so far?

Will Hell’s Paradise Season 2 conclude the story (2)
Gabimaru, Sagiri and Yuzuhira from Hell’s paradise | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

In the season finale, we saw Senta drifting off to death with Yuzuriha by his side. We also had Shion and Yuzuriha questioning the relationship between Sagiri and Gabimaru. And finally, Gabimaru comes back to his consciousness but with no recollection of his past.

Fans had all sorts of things to say about the season finale, mostly positive. It was a complete package of what Hell’s Paradise has been like throughout its run. 


As for the number of manga chapters adapted in Season 1, up to 45 chapters have been adapted in the anime so far. This accounts for the Island arc and the majority of Lord Tensen’s arc. 

Will Hell’s Paradise season 2 conclude the story?

Will Hell’s Paradise Season 2 conclude the story (4)
Hell’s Paradise Anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

An average of 3.5 chapters have been adapted per episode in the anime. We have more than enough chapters available for successive seasons. As for season 2 being the last season, it’s highly unlikely. It seems like it’ll be a cour with around 12-13 episodes (purely speculative). In the case of season 2 being the final season, unless it’s 24-26 episodes long, it’ll be extremely rushed. 

If the upcoming season is 24-26 episodes long, Season 2 will be the final season. Season 2 will be taking off from chapter 46 and conclude the Lord Tensen arc, continuing its way through the Horai arc.

How many seasons then?

Will Hell’s Paradise Season 2 conclude the story (1)
Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Given the speculation that Hell’s Paradise season 2 will not be the final season for the series, how many seasons will we be getting? With 45 chapters adapted so far, here are all the possibilities on how the rest will be adapted in the anime.

  • The upcoming cour or season 2 will introduce the Horai arc and leave off somewhere in the middle, with a final cour concluding the manga. 
  • Season 2 might overshoot and adapt the majority of the Horai arc, so that’ll leave us with the Departure arc. So we might get a movie instead of an entire season. 


Will Hell’s Paradise Season 2 conclude the story (1)
Hell’s paradise anime season 1 | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Hell’s Paradise has gathered a considerable fan base and a lot of praise. Will season 2 be the final season, we’ll be getting the definitive answer when the creators reveal more information. Till then we’re left with the hope that the quality of season 1 is carried on with the upcoming projects. 

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