Will Ichikawa and Yamada get together in The Dangers in My Heart season 2?

Yamada and Ichikawa

The Dangers in My Heart anime was delightful in every way possible; certainly, what could be more adorable than seeing two middle schooler munchkins struggle with first love? All that preciousness has returned in the form of season 2. 

The back and forth we experienced between Ichikawa and Yamada in Season 1 makes our love-struck hearts ask a simple question, will Ichikawa and Yamada get together in The Dangers in My Heart Season 2? Let’s find out how their relationship has progressed in the manga and if we’ll get to see all that progress in season 2 of the anime! 

Will Ichikawa and Yamada get together in The Dangers in My Heart season 2?

Throughout the story, Yamada makes multiple attempts to make her feelings known to Ichikawa. He reciprocates the affection as best he’s able to. But somehow Yamada keeps leveling up with her advances. In chapters 74 and 85, some confessions take place but they get together in chapter 113 finally. 

Yamada and Ichikawa
Ichikawa and Yamada at the Shrine | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The first season of the anime adapted up to chapter 60 of the manga, so it’s fair to assume that the second season will follow suit and cover the same amount of chapters. This possibility signifies that Ichikawa and Yamada will get together by the end of The Dangers in My Heart Season 2. 

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How will their relationship evolve in this season?

The Dangers in My Heart season 2
Yamada hugging Ichikawa during The Dangers in My Heart season 1 | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Here onwards, the article contains some major manga spoilers. But let’s be honest, no amount of spoilers can truly ruin how cute and wholesome Yamada and Ichikawa are together, still, beware of spoilers

In the manga, a few chapters after their New Year’s Shrine date, Yamada somewhat confesses to Ichikawa. During Valentine’s, she tells Ichikawa that he’s the only one she’s giving chocolates to and it’s fine if he misunderstands the intentions behind this gesture. This gives Ichikawa a hint of Yamada’s true feelings.

The Dangers in My Heart manga
A visual representation of the writer’s true feelings towards Ichikawa and Yamada’s romance | Image Courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment

But it becomes crystal clear to him when Yamada confesses her feelings about liking someone to their senior Nanjou. Ichikawa overhears the confession and they both address it indirectly. While the confession should’ve been a clear sign for him on how to proceed, his insecurities kick in. Making it hard for him to get together with her right away.

After trying to understand himself better, Ichikawa gets a better perspective on how much Yamada means to him. They both navigate their feelings and start going out, while still facing small problems which they resolve together. This is a vague outline of the cuteness coming our way in The Dangers in My Heart season 2


The first episode of season 2 was undoubtedly an overdose of sweetness, Yamada helping Ichikawa out was the equivalent of multiple punches of moe. She has also started to open up more to Ichikawa, witnessing them awkwardly figure things out makes one want to look over them.

With that said, prepare yourself for more of that sweetness for the rest of the episodes, and get ready to store some out-of-this-real-world adorable anime romance moments. 

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