Will Linked Horizon – the band behind the first opening of Attack on Titan return for the Anime Finale?

Linked Horizon Album Cover for [The Last Titan]

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 is scheduled to air on the 4th of November. The second half of the season will be 87 minutes long, concluding the series. Fans have a lot of expectations with the upcoming release, mostly centered around its ending and if it would change, however, there’s another wish that fans hope could be granted.

They expect to see Linked Horizon, who gave them the iconic Sasageyo opening, make a comeback. This would bring the series a full circle, ending with how they began. But will this happen? Will we see them again?

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager | Courtesy of MAPPA

The Final Season was divided into two parts, one that aired on March 3rd – a one-hour special – and another that will air soon. The first half covered the beginning of the Rumbling and the survivors getting back together in strength to stop Eren from committing genocide.

The old “friend” circle is back with Armin, Mikasa, Annie, Reiner, Jean and Connie. They are accompanied by Captain Levi, who is gravely injured, yet has the will to fight on. Pieck, Gabi, and Falco have also joined forces with them. All of them together against one enemy, Eren. This truly screamed Code Geass.

Mikasa fighting Titans
Mikasa fighting Titans | Courtesy of MAPPA

Eren is marching on to Marley to carry out the extermination plan they had once dreamed of executing on Eldians. He has awoken all the titans within the walls and now all that awaits them are the screams of the people they walk over.

Is Linked Horizon making a comeback or…?

The band has confirmed fans of their comeback. Linked Horizon will be performing the Opening Theme Song [The Last Titan]. The song will be released on the 5th of November, after the anime has premiered worldwide. Along with the band, Ai Higuchi will be performing the Ending Theme Song [Itterasshai / See You Later] for the finale.

The album arts have been released. Along with the opening song, the album will include [Two Thousand Years… Or… 20,000 Years From Now…] theme of the anime. All of this points to an adaptation that is being taken care of, a finale that has received careful attention to not get messed up.

What does this mean for Fans?

What it means is that fans have been winning when it comes to Attack on Titan anime adaptations. With the final part confirmed, they will finally be able to experience the end, without it getting stretched to another part. The ending is also being slightly modified, which means that the entire manga ending fiasco will probably not see the light of day in the anime community.

The Armored Titan
The Armored Titan | Courtesy of MAPPA

This is not all. Isayama has also published an additional volume, set after the ending of the series, allowing us to experience our favorite characters one more time again, and this time, finally in peace. All of this paired up with the most cherished band in the community coming back to bid farewell to this franchise is receiving an entire cake free of cost.


When it comes to Attack on Titan, it seems everything they do tends to end up being very big. The series has been a favorite of the community for many years and will continue to be for the years to come, so when the band that contributed to making the show iconic is brought back, it is a piece of very big news.

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