Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece?

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Pirate adventures, the sea, strawhats, and freedom are synonymous with life for Luffy in One Piece. What will Luffy do when all of this takes up a different form at the end of One Piece? If we reflect a little bit on Luffy’s dream, the end goal is freedom. It is as much a mystery to us as the treasure, One Piece. Once Luffy accomplishes his goal and fulfills his dream, will he meet the end of his journey? 

And with that, today we ask a question, nobody really wants to know the answer to. Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece? Here’s a breakdown of everything that has pushed us to ask this question. 

An Exploration of Luffy’s Dream

Luffy in Wano
Wano was a milestone in achieving his dream for Luffy | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Luffy’s dream is to become the Pirate King. He believes that nobody has the power to get in the way of the Pirate King’s freedom. But what is Luffy’s aim, why is he chasing freedom this badly? Even at present, nobody can restrict him in any way. It’s safe to assume that all our questions pertaining to his freedom will be answered when we find out what the One Piece is. 

The world of One Piece is rooted in realistic social evils. Having absolute peace with no corruption, discrimination, and violence isn’t in line with everything we’ve seen so far. Additionally, the World Government isn’t his direct enemy. And we’re not heading towards anarchy either. The end of One Piece isn’t going to be a happily ever after. 

Luffy in Wano
Luffy keeps his promise with Tama | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Once Luffy accomplishes his goal, what will he do? The world will never truly be free of injustice, the darkness will never perish. Even if food has always been the connecting thread, Luffy has been the savior of many. But he cannot keep fighting forever, and expecting him to just not do anything while innocent people suffer is a stark contrast to everything that we have grown accustomed to in One Piece.

This is why his dream might as well lead us to his death. His recklessness, a not-so-climactic end of this journey called One Piece, and his ambiguous dream are all mysteries that signal a future with no Luffy. Even if we disregard the future as a distant reality, there have been instances in the past where Luffy’s death has been foreshadowed in different ways, from his power-ups to his pirate adventures. 

Luffy’s deadly powers-ups

Luffy Gear 5
Luffy Gear 5 | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Nobody threatens Luffy’s welfare the way he does it himself. In fights, Luffy alters the natural processes of his body to increase the efficiency of his attacks. Here’s a breakdown of what happens when Luffy uses all the gears:

  • In Gear 2nd, Luffy amplifies the speed of his attack with the help of an accelerated blood flow. He alters the normal processes to get the desired results.
  • Gear 3rd shares some similarities with the second gear but in this gear, Luffy increases the size of a particular body part to intensify the impact of his blows. 
  • Onto Gear 4th now, Luffy manipulates the muscular structure of his arms, torso, and legs. He achieves the desired outcome by inhaling huge amounts of air. 
  • With Gear 5th we can see glimpses of all the previous gear but at a mind-blowing speed. 
Luffy Gear 4
Luffy fighting Doffy in Gear 4 | Image Courtesy via IMDb

In this way, he makes some tweaks to the way the human body functions. This doesn’t come without a hefty cost. The after-effects include increased appetite and uninterrupted days-long sleep. Not only that, but with Gear 5 the recoil is extremely apparent. Luffy physically ages and looks way older than he is. This is how Luffy’s power-ups are not only deadly for his opponents but for himself as well. 

Similar to how the Spiel Anime Newsletter can be quite deadly with how well it blends the different aspects of entertainment and information from the anime world. It comes out on a bi-weekly basis and presents this deadly blend to you with cool designs.

All the foreshadowing

Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece?
Luffy in Impel Down covered in Magellan’s poison | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Besides the physical build-up in terms of exhaustion, there have also been instances where Oda draws a parallel between Luffy and Roger. We’ve seen Luffy at the execution site in LogueTown. While we can still ignore that scene as a mere coincidence, in the film Red we get a similar frame. Luffy is stopped by two guards and he looks exactly like Roger. 

This might be a hint towards how Luffy will meet his end, which is similar to Roger. During Impel Down, Magellan’s poison nearly kills Luffy. Ivankov saves him with the injections but Luffy loses around ten years of his life as a part of the treatment. 

Conclusion – Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece?

Luffy Film Red
A Glimpse from One Piece Film Red | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

In LogueTown, Luffy accepts that he’s going to die. He smiles and bids farewell to his crew with no sign of regrets before luck saves him. He might meet his end in the exact same way as all the other people with D in their names. It’s hard to imagine him doing anything other than being a pirate sailing the seas bringing hope to those who are devoid of it. 

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