Will Nana Anime continue post-hiatus or will we get a remake?

Nana O and Nana K in Nana anime

The story of Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki remains a cherished memory among romance and Josei manga fans. The fans of Nana anime have been yearning for a comeback after the series finale in 2009 when Ai Yazawa was forced to take a break from continuing the story. It’s been about 15 years since the hiatus.

Will Nana ever make a comeback? Or will there be a remake of the series? What are the chances?

Reasons for the Hiatus of Nana Anime

The anime concluded with episode 49 (which corresponds roughly to chapter 42 of the manga), leaving an ambiguous ending. In 2009, Ai Yazawa went on hiatus due to an unspecified illness. While she recovered shortly after that and resumed drawing in 2010, “Nana” has remained unfinished. Interviews with Yazawa tell us about her dedication to completing the manga. However, no such official announcements have been made from studios or manga publishers as of now.

The anime left us with some unresolved conflicts such as:

Nana Osaki meets Nana Komatsu for the first time on their way to Tokyo
Nana O and Nana K | Courtesy of Madhouse
  • Nana Osaki’s band, Black Stones, faces challenges with Ren’s death and Nana Komatsu’s relationship with both Nobu and Takumi remains undecided.
  • Hachi (Nana Komatsu) discovers that she’s pregnant but is unsure of the father.

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Announcements Regarding Continuation

Despite the prolonged break, there have been a few instances that have sustained the hope for a revival among the Nana fans.

  • In 2013, Yazawa published a new “Junko’s room” chapter, another one of her popular manga series, which indicates a return to a more regular work schedule, or it could also mean that she probably dropped the motive of continuing with Nana.
  • However, during an exhibition in Tokyo, when a reporter asked her about Nana’s possibility of returning, Yazawa replied that she’s dedicated to finishing her work, but due to her long-term side effects of her illness it would take her much time.

Nana Comeback might not be a myth

Nana O and Nana K on the train in ep 1
Nana O and Nana K in ep 1 | Courtesy of Madhouse

The dedication of the fanbase could act as an incentive since Nana has received so much of love over the years. it has been compared the other realistic portrayals of romance anime such as Horimiya and Paradise Kiss. And with the recent rise of Netflix and other steaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, known for investing in sequels and reboots of popular titles, there lies hope for a comeback.

While it doesn’t seem that Nana will be returning soon if it ever does, there’s still a good enough possible that it will return. 

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