Will Overtake anime surpass Initial D?

Overtake anime and Initial D

As Overtake anime starts its run with a strong first episode, the car racing genre comes under the spotlight once again. Whenever the conversation is about car racing, the success and critical acclaim of Initial D are unparalleled in the racing subgenre.

The anime quickly became a thing of delight for the car nerds and continues to hold a special place in their hearts to this day. With Overtake anime following in its steps, will it be able to surpass Initial D? 

Overtake Anime: First Impressions


In its first episode, Overtake anime presented to us a variety of characters, a glimpse into what the car racing will be like along with a parallel plot that includes photography. The story involves Kouya Madoka who is reluctant because of some past events that are still unknown. The way his past events interject with the flow of his daily life is quite realistic, as the flashbacks are unexpected and not overdone. 

On the other hand, we have Haruka Asahina, who is highly confident in his abilities. He doesn’t flinch when it comes to car racing and gives it his all without a shred of doubt. Unknowingly, he pushes Kouya to do the same. That’s about as much as we know about the main characters.

Overtake anime car-racing
A still from Overtake anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The animation front is considerably good with interesting camera angles. Starting by explaining the basic technicalities of helping new fans warm up to car racing. There’s enough tension to get involved as well as excited about the cars battling it out. There was a generous sprinkle of emotions and references to some real-life events. With that Overtake anime is off to a strong start with the majority of the reception being positive. But is it enough to surpass Initial D?

Will Overtake anime surpass Initial D?

Initial D anime
A still from Initial D anime Final Stage | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Initial D stood out to the car fanatics with its attention to detail. At the same time not overdoing it to look boring to those who are unfamiliar with car racing. Additionally, the music was probably its strongest point. It supports the setting and makes it more exciting to follow.
  • Initial D is entertaining and informative at the same time with the only downside being the animation. While the animation is decent, it requires some getting used to. The unusual use of CGI is visually jarring. So in terms of the visual appeal, there’s not much needed to be done to surpass Initial D.

When it comes to the legacy left behind by Initial D, it’s quite early to make any assumptions. If Overtake continues to pay attention to the details without dwelling too much on the drama, a bright future is in sight. Although surpassing Initial D might be a goal too far-fetched for now. 


Overtake anime characters
All the characters in Overtake anime | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

We don’t even know if being the next Initial D is the goal here. There’s an interesting parallel angle in play with Overtake, photography. There’s a chance that the point of view might shift in the upcoming episodes, but for now, the photographer is the lead character. It’s intriguing to see how the car racing and photography will be juggled.

And if it’s done well, Overtake might end up having more to offer than Initial D in a lot of ways. But again, it’s too soon to say! The upcoming episodes of Overtake anime will give us a better insight into what the anime has in store for us. 

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