Will Rick and Morty Anime retain its qualities from the Main Series

Rick and Morty - The Anime Will the show retain its' qualities from the Main Series

Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animated series around the world, and with a franchise expanding over 6 seasons, it has become an integral part of the sci-fi animated genre. But, with the recent announcements by Adult Swim and the release of a trailer, we are now left to wonder whether the upcoming Rick and Morty Anime would be based on the original series.

Moreover, the fans are also willing to know whether the upcoming anime adaptation would retain its qualities from the main series or not.

Rick and Morty Anime: How is it different from the original series?

The upcoming Rick and Morty: The Anime is going to adapt most themes and events from the main story, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be completely based on that. It will explore a new story and another interdimensional adventure of the Smith household.

Moreover, according to Takashi Sano, the director, the anime adaptation will also feature several characters from alternate realities, like President Morty Smith and the genocider with glasses.

Rick and Morty - The Anime Will the show retain its' qualities from the Main Series
Rick and Morty – The Anime (Image courtesy goes to Adult Swim)

The anime adaptation will follow its own path and will not be dedicated entirely to the original series. Sano will also attempt at creating a different storyline and narrative for this adaptation and will limit the basics of the original series by taking in theories such as the multiverse, Jerry’s role, and the family unit.

Will the anime adaptation of Rick and Morty be faithful to the original series?

The original Rick and Morty series has crafted a legacy of its own. It has carved a niche in the history of animated storytelling.

Moreover, the complex concepts and the extraordinarily crisp humor that it examines are something that basically makes it a bluebird. But, as Sano has decided to come up with the anime adaptation, the question arises whether he will make the series a deviation from the rest or will it retain the emotional essence of it.

Rick and Morty - The Anime Will the show retain its' qualities from the Main Series
Rick and Morty – The Anime (Image courtesy goes to Adult Swim)

More often than not, anime adaptations tend to break away from the traditional form of storytelling and try to create an atmosphere that fits the basic necessities of an anime. The themes and the characters are also designed in that particular manner, making the entire narrative different in form and flow.

Sano says that he aims to preserve the essence of the original Rick and Morty, but he also believes that a deviation from the original narrative would be required to craft something unique, something which can be framed and pictured as an anime.

When we talk about the anime adaptation of Rick and Morty, we fail to realize that the project doesn’t aim at taking the original story forward.

  • What Sano aims to achieve is to create an alternate reality where the adventures of the Smith household are similar but not the same.
  • He aims to create a different consequential reality with the same elements of the former but placed differently.
  • The entanglement of Rick and Morty in their wonderful chaos as they navigate through time and space would be consistent, but this would be a standalone series from the rest of the franchise.

Rick and Morty – The Anime: How will Takashi Sano change the scene?

Rick and Morty - The Anime Will the show retain its' qualities from the Main Series
A snapshot from the Adult Swim teaser of Rick and Morty – The anime (Image courtesy goes to Adult Swim)

After the release of the trailer for the anime adaptation, Takashi Sano expressed his desire to craft Rick and Morty in a new light. He also said that being such a huge fan of the original series, he aims to take it to even greater heights by introducing newer elements to the narrative. Sano also said that he wishes to add a certain Japanese touch to the original series, and the show would mostly focus on the exploration of the family and the multiverse.

  • Recently, Takashi Sano broke his silence on the anime adaptation and said that this ten-episode-long series will take in everything fans love about the show and break it down into their extracts. This will create a show which is familiar in setting but with a unique twist to it.
  • This ‘Japanese touch’ that Sano has referred to but has declined to elaborate on could refer to the style or the form of a traditional Japanese anime, with all of its depth and mystery with the added booster of action-packed adventures.
  • We know that Japanese anime has the uniqueness of style and creation. They are different from Western animated shows, and their setting is basically centered around Japan, even making the language of expression for all in Japanese.


While there is a wave of enthusiasm and excitement among fans worldwide, they are also willing to know whether the upcoming adaptation of their favorite show would be anything like it or not. But rest assured, we can hope for Takashi Sano to deliver a splendid piece of art that would meet all of our expectations.

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