Will Sakamoto Days manga receive an anime adaptation?

Will Sakamoto Days manga receive an anime adaptation

Sakamoto Days manga has recently sparked conversations in the anime community regarding its anime adaptation. Ever since its debut in 2020, it has been a marker of a period piece that has compiled various genres into one. The elements of action, comedy, and feel-good moments have contributed a lot to the popularity of the manga. Sakamoto Days manga has also seen discussions regarding an anime adaptation due to the ongoing success of several anime adaptations such as Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Sakamoto Days manga – a plot summary

Sakamoto Days revolves around the protagonist Taro Sakamoto, and his conjunct of the past and the present. Taro Sakamoto used to be the greatest hitman in Japan and was well respected in the community of contract killers. But, when he fell in love with Aoi Sakamoto he chose to give up on his bloodied past and profession, leaving behind a life of pain and brutality to finally settle down and have a family.

Will Sakamoto Days manga receive an anime adaptation
Sakamoto Days Manga by Yuto Suzuki. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Like every other hitman action story, Sakamoto is also chased by his former organization as they send other killers to kill him. The man they send is Shin, Sakamoto’s old partner, who finds Sakamoto and sets out to kill him, only to find that his old partner has lost shape and now runs a convenience store. Shin tries to kill his partner, but the latter easily neutralizes him with simple tools, convincing Shin that Sakamoto left the horrible profession to protect his family.

Shin tries to convince his bosses about Sakamoto’s new life, but that almost gets him killed. However, Sakamoto manages to neutralize the organization and the men, offering Shin a job at his convenience store, and thus their adventures together begin!

Sakamoto Days manga – is there any possibility of an anime adaptation?

Sakamoto Days manga has done tremendously well in the industry. It has been loved by fans and critics due to the engaging storyline and its grasping melody of genres and styles. Sakamoto Days manga has delivered great chapters for a period of three years now. After anime adaptations like Spy X Family, Chainsaw Man, and Demon Slayer, fans are awaiting another action remake of one such franchise.

Will Sakamoto Days manga receive an anime adaptation
Sakamoto Days manga to get an anime adaptation. (Image credit goes to Anime News and Facts Leak on Twitter)

Sakamoto Days anime is definitely a possibility, as it would be crucial to the manga as well. At the rate at which the anime adaptations are taking place in today’s world, we can definitely expect that some major studio will turn their ears to the discussions circling around Sakamoto Days and take up the project for this extraordinary franchise.

Will Sakamoto Days be able to compete with new-age anime adaptations like Demon Slayer and Chainsaw Man?

Sakamoto Days has a splendid storyline. The manga grew into a popular franchise due to its ability to convert a basic storyline into a comical understanding of action and mystery. The added layers of the manga further add to the complicated plot, which has been further domesticated by well-versed and iconic characters.

Will Sakamoto Days manga receive an anime adaptation
Sakamoto Days Manga. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

Therefore, this anime will definitely be a tough competition for Demon Slayer, Spy X Family, Chainsaw Man, and Jujutsu Kaisen. Moreover, it will be amazing to witness how this series will further add to the narrative of the manga, as the latter is already celebrated for its detailed and charismatic delivery.


Sakamoto Days is undoubtedly one of the best manga of the present day. It is crisp and detailed, with a sense of delicate flowery touch to it. The manga has been doing extremely well, and it will be interesting to see how a Sakamoto Days anime reacts to the same. We can definitely hope for an anime adaptation soon enough, but these conclusions have been drawn only because of the recent discussions and conversations which have been sparked.

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