Will there be a Dr. Stone New Manga?

Will there be a Dr. Stone new manga?

Despite the conclusion of the Dr. Stone manga, fans have something to look forward to. The creators have decided to treat us with a new manga. This upcoming story will continue Senku’s scientific journey and is being released in conjunction with the current season of the TV anime. Manga writer Riichiro Inagaki has announced that the first chapter is set to debut in next week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.


Will there be a Dr. Stone New Manga?
Senku | Image courtesy of TMS Entertainment

Senku awakens in a world where all traces of human civilization have been eroded by time. He begins to study the petrified humans to determine the cause of the event, as well as a cure. Over the next six months, Senku’s friend Taiju Oki wakes up and Senku learns their revival was made possible with nitric acid.

Senku and Taiju begin to rebuild civilization by recreating basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. They also begin to revive other petrified humans, including scientists and engineers. Senku’s goal is to create a new world built on science and technology, and he believes that humanity can achieve anything if they work together.

Will there be a Dr. Stone New Manga?

The official Dr. Stone Twitter account has just revealed some exciting news. A brand new three-chapter manga, titled Dr. Stone: New World: Stone Science Academy, is scheduled for release in Weekly Shonen Jump on November 7, 2023. This manga will continue in the same world as the original series, but it’s set after the events of the final chapter. Fans of the series have something exciting to look forward to!

In addition to the announcement, the creators have treated fans to a sneak peek visual of the upcoming three-chapter manga by providing a tantalizing teaser key visual.

What is Dr. Stone: New World: Stone Science Academy going to be about?

The first chapter of this new manga will be a substantial 47 pages, complete with a colorful opening page. Over the following weeks, readers can expect to see the next two chapters unfold. In this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump teaser, it’s revealed that the plot will revolve around Senku’s ambitious quest to invent a time machine, promising an intriguing storyline for fans to follow.

Will there be a Dr. Stone New Manga?
Senku Ishigami | Image courtesy of TMS Entertainment

Based on the title, Dr. Stone: New World: Stone Science Academy, will the manga focus on a new generation of scientists who are carrying on Senku’s legacy at the Stone Science Academy or will it explore another one of Senku’s adventures with his companions? The official plot for the new manga has not been disclosed yet, so fans will have to wait to discover the exact direction the story will take.


The Dr. Stone manga series came to a close in March 2022, and at that time, there were no plans for any further continuation of the story. However, this new announcement reveals that the creators had more in store for fans.

  • This upcoming narrative will pick up where it left off, continuing Senku’s scientific journey.
  • It’s a pleasant surprise for fans, especially since it coincides with the current season of the TV anime.

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