Will there be a Kakegurui Season 3?

Will there be a Kakegurui Season 3?

When it comes to obsession, the first anime that will pop up for any veteran anime fan is Kakegurui. The anime had extreme unhinged moments of gambling obsession. Making its mark as one of the most fun anime out there, fans have desperately been waiting for a Kakegurui Season 3. With the release of an ONA, will there be a sequel?

Is there Content to Adapt?

Season 2 ended by concluding with a filler arc, “Hundred Votes Auction Arc”. There remain 5 more arcs before the anime catches up with the manga. However, since the manga is ongoing, fans may expect more content to be covered. The anime has bizarrely adapted the manga, adapting a few of the arcs before or after their occurrence in the manga.

Kakegurui: Twin
Mary Saotome and Tsuzura Hanatemari | Courtesy of MAPPA

The sequel for season 2 is expected to start by adapting the “War Arc”, continuing the Presidential Election Saga. The arcs following on will have the most gut-wrenching and unimaginable twists and character build-ups.

  • Grand Tournament Arc
  • Fasciation Hall Arc
  • Change Poker Arc
  • Souko Jabami Arc

The current ongoing arc has some of the most mind-blowing reveals in the series. However, we will have to wait till the anime reaches that point. Its arcs are not the only thing that will seem out of order, but also its pacing. While some arcs have been concluded in 2 episodes, some arcs have taken 5 whole episodes. Taking this into account, season 3 might cover 4 whole arcs in its 12 Episodes.

Momobami Ririka
Momobami Ririka | Courtesy of MAPPA

The coming arcs will have some of the most obsessive and eccentric behavior from the characters so far. Talking about eccentric behavior, do you know that the community has also adapted some of its mannerisms? In recent years, it has bled through into society. Want to know more? Read here.

Is Kakegurui: Twin the third season?

After season 2, fans have received Kakegurui: Twin in 2022. However, this must not be mistaken as the third season. Twin tells the story of Mary Saotome before she met Jabami. A prequel to the main storyline, the show acts to develop the character further for its audience.


Will we receive a Kakegurui Season 3?

So far, there has been no official announcement regarding a sequel. However, Twin was released two years after Season 2. Having the track record of releasing its sequel every two years, the franchise should have received a season 3 in 2021. Yet, it seems MAPPA has sidelined the project for a while now.

The Council Body
The Council Body | Courtesy of MAPPA

This leads us to believe that Twin is their way of checking the waters in the community. Is there still a fanbase for MAPPA? Will their audience still want a Season 3? There’s hope that receiving good feedback on the ONA, MAPPA might pick up Kakegurui for its much-awaited sequel.

MAPPA is considerably occupied with the plethora of projects it has taken up. With projects like Chainsawman and Jujutsu Kaisen, MAPPA has its hands full right now to promise another project in the next year. This could mean that if MAPPA decides to animate season 3, they would have to release it after another 2 years.

It’s a pipe dream when there is no underlying news of its release. Nonetheless, fans could hope that if Twin gets the success it should, a season 3 will shortly follow it. While fans wait for any official news, they can always hit up all the new anime releasing in 2023. While some are not as exciting as this gambling fiesta, some will make you grab hold of popcorn for how mind-boggling it will get.

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