Will Tony Tony Chopper ever receive a higher bounty?

Tony Tony Chopper

Bounty posters are a great reminder of how far the Strawhats have come in One Piece. Oda has tried to incorporate some signature elements into the bounty poster reveals as well. Such as the reactions from our favorite characters, Sanji’s “handsome” face, jumpscare for Nami’s reactions, and Tony Tony Chopper’s non-existent bounties.

While everything else is understandable, Chopper’s contribution ranges from saving lives to pretty average combat skills. His range makes him competent for a higher bounty. Will Chopper ever receive a higher bounty? This article contains manga spoilers from post-Wano events. 

Bounty Posters and Chopper

Chopper at Drum Kingdom
Chopper at Drum Kingdom | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Chopper’s perception has always been far from a threat. He is a fluff ball and a furry friend who loves cotton candy. It started as a joke that he’s a pet that accompanies the Strawhats on their scary adventures, which got him a bounty of 50 Berries. This happened post Enies Lobby. Getting a raise of 50 more in Dressrosa to become a 100. At present his Bounty stands at 1000 Berries.

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Chopper, Luffy, and Sanji
Chopper at his most menacing | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Before the time skip, the Strawhats stepped up during battles if they could. After the time skip, their roles have become more branched out. 

  • This is especially apparent in Chopper’s case. He has been more active as a doctor than a fighter. Lately, Chopper has been dedicated to saving lives.
  • The concept of Bounty posters is marking those who pose a threat to the world government. He can’t be marked a threat for saving lives and minimizing the casualties on every Island. 
  • The only threat he poses to the government is when he saves the Strawhats from life-threatening injuries. 

Even within the Strawhats, the bounties are determined based on their strength and the threat they pose to the world government. 

Will Tony Tony Chopper ever receive a higher bounty?

 Wano arc One Piece Manga
Bounty Poster Reveals after Wano Arc | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Egghead is the perfect opportunity for a bounty raise. A few chapters ago, Luffy was all set to leave Egghead with his crew and Vegapunk.

  • Now with Saturn Jagarcia in the mix, the path to Elbaph won’t be as smooth a sail.
  • Despite that, if the Strawhats escape Egghead with Dr. Vegapunk, they’ll be committing a crime against the world government directly.
  • The World Government might push the narrative that the Strawhats kidnapped Dr. Vegapunk to hide their actions and intentions.

This defiance will earn them higher bounties, including Chopper hopefully. However, this possibility doesn’t guarantee that either. We’ve already seen a similar turn of events in Enies Lobby, while it gave Chopper a bounty alongside the others. It was by no means comparable in terms of the figure. That brings us to the point that Oda might not be planning to free Chopper of the bounty curse just yet. 


Chopper Monster Point
Chopper in his monster form | Image Courtesy via IMDb

With Chopper, his most intimidating form is Monster Point, which doesn’t even look like him. So it makes his participation in fights less obvious. When we discuss bounties, they’re not as significant in Chopper’s context. His dream doesn’t coincide with them at any point. For most of the Strawhats, it’s a demonstration of their strengths. If only the parameter for bounty posters was cuteness, then we’d not be here discussing this. 

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