Wind Breaker anime Releases Soon: When & Where can you Watch It?

Haruka Sakura's appearance in the Wind Breaker anime teaser

The Wind Breaker anime adaptation is finally hitting the small screen next month. Based on Satoru Nii’s manga series, this high-octane adventure is perfect for fans of series like God of High School and Tokyo Revengers.

  • The official website for the Wind Breaker anime has released a new promotional video, confirming that the series will premiere on Friday, April 5, 2024.
  • The website also revealed that an early screening event for Wind Breaker is also in the works, but we’re not sure if tickets will go on sale any time soon. The official cast will be attending the event though, so it might be worth checking out.

But even with all this information, details about where fans can stream the series online remain scarce. The series doesn’t seem to be licensed by Crunchyroll or other popular anime-giants; so what are our options?

Note: Before we proceed further, it’s important to note that there has been some confusion online regarding the Wind Breaker anime adaptation. Many fans have mistaken this series for the popular webtoon of the same title by Yongseok Jo.

While the Wind Breaker manhwa is an excellent sports comic that may have contributed to the initial excitement surrounding this adaptation, the two works are entirely separate and unrelated. The upcoming anime is based on Satoru Nii’s original manga series, which follows a completely different premise and storyline. To avoid any further misunderstanding, we want to clarify that this particular Wind Breaker anime has no connection to the beloved webtoon and should be approached as a distinct work.

No Streaming Service Announced for International Simulcast of Wind Breaker (Yet)

A still of Sakura from Wind Breaker anime trailer
Wind Breaker | Image via Aniplex USA

Despite extensive research into various anime streaming platforms, it appears that no major service has secured the rights to simulcast Wind Breaker outside of Japan as of yet. This means that international fans may face some challenges in accessing the series during its initial broadcast run.

  • For now, the only confirmed way to watch Wind Breaker anime seems to be through the 28 MBS/TBS stations in Japan, where the anime will air as part of the Super Animeism TURBO programming block. According to the estimated schedule, new episodes will premiere every Friday at 12:26 a.m. JST.

While this may not be an ideal solution for fans residing outside of Japan, there is a glimmer of hope.

  • MBS, one of the broadcasting stations, occasionally live streams select anime series on their official YouTube channel. If Wind Breaker is included in this initiative, international viewers may have the opportunity to watch the series legally as it airs.


However, if MBS does not provide a live stream option, fans abroad may have to exercise patience and wait for the entire season to conclude before the series becomes available on popular anime streaming platforms like Crunchyroll or HIDIVE. These services often acquire the rights to simulcast or add shows to their catalogs after the initial broadcast run in Japan.

This situation is far from ideal, but the prospect of eventually being able to stream the Wind Breaker (legally) remains. As more information becomes available, we’ll update this article with any new streaming options or platforms that secure the rights to distribute Wind Breaker internationally!

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The Wind Breaker Manga: A Worthy Alternative Before the Anime Debuts?

Sakura mid-fight in the Wind Breaker anime
Wind Breaker | Image via Aniplex

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Wind Breaker, reading the manga is always a good alternative to the upcoming anime adaptation.

  • Though the series isn’t available online to read legally, interested readers can easily get physical copies from sites like Amazon and Kobo.

But is Wind Breaker worth all that trouble?

Is Wind Breaker Manga worth checking out?
Wind Breaker | Image via Aniplex

The official premise follows Haruka Sakura, a student at Furin High School, an institution known for its delinquent students who use their brawling strength to protect their town. Haruka, however, is solely interested in fighting his way to the top, with no interest in being a hero or part of a team.

While Wind Breaker isn’t a traditional delinquent manga, it does fall under that umbrella to some extent. Admittedly, the plot may seem clichéd at first glance, but what the series excels at is its premise. Gang wars aren’t an uncommon trope, but Wind Breaker manages to explore this concept without delving into unnecessary elements like drugs or excessive violence.

  • The manga’s strength lies in its character development and the intricate depiction of fights. The author delves deep into the character’s backstories and motivations during the intense battle sequences, showcasing a variety of strikes and techniques that are visually captivating. Some of these backstories are genuinely emotional, allowing readers to connect with the characters on a deeper level.
  • However, it’s worth noting that some readers might find the fights a bit too thought-provoking or overly analytical. Wind Breaker doesn’t rely on typical shonen power-ups or convenient plot devices; instead, the characters work hard to improve themselves, which can be refreshing or frustrating, depending on personal preferences.

Overall, if you’re a fan of well-choreographed fights, complex character development, and a unique take on the delinquent genre, Wind Breaker is definitely worth checking out, either through the upcoming anime or by diving into the manga.


Haruka and the gang featured in Wind Breaker manga's Colored cover
Manga Colored Cover Page | Image via IMDb

As the premiere date of April 5th draws near, the anticipation surrounding the Wind Breaker anime continues to build. While international fans may face challenges in accessing the series during its initial broadcast, the prospect of eventually being able to stream it legally offers a glimmer of hope.

For those unable to wait, diving into Satoru Nii’s original manga serves as an excellent alternative. Despite its delinquent undertones, Wind Breaker’s engaging premise, intricate character development, and captivating fight sequences make it a refreshing addition to the genre.

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