Wind Breaker Anime’s new cast is the voice behind Baki: will he do the character justice?

There’s a certain brilliance brimming brightly in the overplayed trope of ‘I have to climb to the top of this fight club‘ in Shonen Anime. This just now was a complicated way of defining the plot for the upcoming Wind Breaker Anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Satoru Nii. The official twitter account for Wind Breaker Anime informed that they have cast Nobunaga Shibazaki (known for Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen or Baki Hanma in Netflix’s Baki) for the voice of the main character Hayato Suou.

God of High School, Baki Hanma, Hajime no Ippo and even sports Anime like Haikyuu (each is different) have done this kind of trope to different lengths previously. As such it is crucial that the voices behind the characters of a school-set realistic martial arts Anime do their job properly.

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Why Wind Breaker is both ‘Haikyuu’, ‘Tokyo Revengers’ and also ‘Baki’

Is Wind Breaker the anime adaptation of the Crows Franchise?
Wind Breaker from official images by Kodansha

Yes, Wind Breaker Anime brings you down from levels of Superpower Superquirks that lead to planet-destroying power levels. Such as – triumphing over towers with inane quirks, or having actual powers called physical quirks (My Hero Academia). With superpower now emitted, it goes even one step further.

See shows like Baki Hanma do not really have any superpowers as of such, yet the way they portray their fights is so extensively exaggerated that it just feels like a Goku vs Frieza match each time. Unkillable serial killer convicts, superhuman martial artists.

But what about Haikyuu? a very realistically set high-school sports anime. But that’s exactly it, it carries neither the fight nor the quirk from any of the above examples. But it does carry the realistic setting coupled with insane spirit and hype for the craft it has taken as its prime agenda (volleyball).

  1. Now stay with me and imagine a series that mixes realism of Haikyuu, adds a spur of realistic gang strife that’s lower in degree than Tokyo Revengers, and then does the entire I’ll become the best in this world trope.
  2. You have a very subtle yet amazingly shonen jump-ish shonen – Wind Breaker. 

About the voice behind Mahito (JJK), Yuno (Black Clover) and Baki voicing main character Hayato Suou

The main character Haruka Sakura is set to do exactly that – break the boundaries and become the best in his high school. Accompanying him would be Hayato Suou, the subject of our article today.

  • Although my experience reading the Manga was such that it neither sets the protagonist up for an insane power-up, nor any plot armour that will save his ass from falling grace.
  • It’s all-natural (that’s what she said) high-school kids competing for the position of the top dog. And the fun thing is, you actually connect and grow alongside the characters.

Here’s what Kodansha has to say about Wind Breaker’s plot if you’re interested.

Portraying a personality of similar depth as the above-mentioned is Haruka is Hayato Suou, and that’s the news that’s been broken as of late. Now, the voice actor behind notable characters such as Baki Hanma himself, Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuno from Black Clover, etc will voice Hayato Suou. He is Nobunaga Shibazaki.

Will Nobunaga Shibazaki do justice to Hayato?

And given the character’s personality and way of being, Nobunaga Shibazaki has already displayed his prowess in voicing the calm Baki so far in his career.

Well, it’s hard to find reasons why Nobunaga won’t do justice to Suou. But do you have any objections in mind? There are two ways you can engage for such oppositions, firstly you can comment down below and secondly, you can follow this link to subscribe to our weekly newsletters (two).

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