Your Color by Science SARU: Release Date + Expectations

Your Color by Science SARU Release Date + Expectations

Naoko Yamada’s Your Color by Science SARU has been shifted to a 2024 release window, making fans of the popular studio restless and clueless. Kimi no Iro or Your Color was earlier scheduled for a Fall 2023 release, which was then shifted for another year, making it a trending ongoing conversation in almost all anime circles.

The full-length film which has been animated by Science SARU has been directed by one of the most critically acclaimed directors Naoko Yamada, who is famously known for directing A Silent Voice and K-ON! at Kyoto Animation.

What is the general story of Your Color by Science SARU?

Kimi no Iro or Your Color follows the life of Totsuko, a high-school student from Nagasaki who attends a Christian Academy. She has the ability to look at people’s hearts through a medium of colors. These colors are represented through various emotional spectrums. Therefore, she sees these as happy colors, sad colors, peaceful colors, frightened colors, and so on.

Your Color by Science SARU Release Date + Expectations
Crunchyroll on Twitter announces that Kimi no Iro is to be released in 2024 | Image Courtesy of @Crunchyroll on Twitter
  • Totsuko however is very careful not to see her friends and family in sad or depressing colors, and often stretches the truth to project bright colors of the heart instead.
  • In all of this daily humdrum, she meets a beautiful girl with striking colors and a boy who loves music. The three of them become friends and form a band, a group that will create music for adolescence.

When will Your Color by Science SARU release?

Your Color by Science SARU was supposed to release during Fall, 2023. However, the release was postponed and it has been announced that the anime will see a release window in 2024. The news comes after the release of an updated ‘Super Teaser’ which also gave away the crew information.

Your Color by Science SARU will be available on Crunchyroll. The full-length film will be produced by Toho and STORY, and at the moment features a teaser visual and a super teaser, both of which have created an uproar of excitement.

The news also seems to come as a resolution for those fans who were left wondering about the release schedule, as the producers and the studio didn’t announce anything for quite some time.

The cast of Kimi no Iro or Your Color as shown in the Super Teaser

Kimi no Iro or Your Color will be available on Crunchyroll, and as the platform’s statement goes, it will be directed by Naoko Yamada. Moreover, it has also been revealed in due process that the original script has been written by Reiko Yoshida (who also wrote the scripts for K-ON! and A Silent Voice) based on an original concept by Director Yamada.

Your Color by Science SARU Release Date + Expectations
People praising Naoko for their exceptional work on Twitter.

The music of the full-length film is composed by well-known composer Kensuke Ushio, the man behind the music composition of both A Silent Voice and Chainsaw Man. The film will be produced by Toho along with STORY Inc., which has worked with Makoto Shinkai since Weathering With You.

The animation is taken over by the renowned Science SARU, the studio responsible for delivering timeless masterpieces such as ‘The Heike Story’, ‘The Night is Short, Walk on Girl’, and ‘Inu-Oh’.


The entire production of Kimi no Iro or Your Color anime is based on this peculiar concept. This concept merges both fantasy and teenage fiction into one, making it a blend of the real and the fantastical. This blend might itself prove to be an aid to its popularity, and it might also lead to a significant attraction of young audiences.

Your Color by Science SARU is going to be an absolute masterpiece, given the immaculate crew and the animation studio it has received for such a splendid idea for a storyline.

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