Your Name: here are all the characters that appear in this popular movie

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name

Kimi no Nawa or Your Name is one of Makoto Shinkai’s most prolific and most beautiful stories. It has been accredited as the highest-rated movie by Shinkai on IMDb and to this day Your Name holds the hearts and souls of millions for its storytelling.

The story of Your Name is differently crafted and peculiarly narrated, making it a plot that operates both in a parallel as well as a convergent manner. Your Name is an experiment with time, romance, tragedy, and love, all merged into the metanarrative of fate and destiny.

The characters that appear in Your Name: Differently designed yet similarly motivated

Your Name has two sets of characters. Firstly, we have the main characters: Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu. These two act as the joint protagonists of the story and the entirety of fate and destiny which has been experimented with revolves around their lives.

The other set of characters are the side characters: Miki Okudera, Tsukasa Fujii,  Yotsuha Miyamizu, Katsuhiko Teshigawara,  Sayaka Natori, and Toshiki Miyamizu. They contribute to the overall narrative and help the protagonists achieve their goals to fulfill the ultimate goal of the plot.

1. Taki Tachibana

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Taki Tachibana in Your Name (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Taki is a high-school boy who is 17 years old when the comet strikes the town of Itomori. As a person, he is hardworking and very oriented towards his future. Moreover, Taki is a person who has little concern for the doings and decisions of others. This is reflected in the moments where he switches his body with Mitsuha Miyamizu. Taki and his life in Tokyo are different from that of Mitsuha. But that only complements it and brings them together with their differences.

  • Taki is also very artistic and he has a keen interest in architecture. His artistic side brings forth a great deal of imagination which helps him find Mitsuha in the end.
  • Taki plays a great role in the story as the male protagonist, as he constantly breaks his personality into something simpler, and towards the end, he is only filled with realizations, lessons, and love.

2. Mitsuha Miyamizu

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Mitsuha Miyamizu in Your Name (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Mitsuha is a girl from the town of Itomori and she belongs to the Miyamizu family, where she acts as a priestess in the family shrine. Her mother passed away when she was young and she lives with her sister in her grandmother’s house. Mitsuha is the female protagonist of the story and she wishes to be born as a handsome boy in Tokyo in her next time. Her wish is metamorphosed into a reality as she starts swapping bodies with Taki.

  • Mitsuha is very friendly, creative, and sweet-spoken. She is also very organized and adventurous, which makes her wish to leave her close-knit town of Itomori, her stern father, and her mates from school who constantly try to downplay her.

3. Yotsuha Miyamizu

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Yotsuha Miyamizu in Your Name (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Yotsuha Miyamizu is the younger sister of Mitsuha. She is adamant and brave, with very little concern for what others think of her. She is an independent child who listens to herself and her instincts and often doesn’t hesitate to speak her heart out. She often comes up with weird ideas and is more devoted to her family traditions unlike Mitsuha, which Mitsuha states has a “pre-pubescent lack of concern”.

  • Yotsuha as a side character plays a major role throughout the show.
  • She is almost every day weirded out by Mitsuha’s actions. She also believes that her sister is crazy.
  • But apart from all of her beliefs and ignorance, she becomes a major part of the story as she is a participatory character in some of the major narrations of the Miyamizu traditions and cultural practices.

4. Katsuhiko Teshigawara

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Katsuhiko Teshigawara in Your Name (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Katsuhiko Teshigawara or Tessie is one of the side characters of Your Name. He is friends with Mitsuha and Sayaka and has an apparent crush on Mitsuha. But, after the time skip it is revealed that he is engaged with Sayaka and Taki encounters them in a cafe together. Tessie is an expert in explosives and is a good friend of Mitsuha. He helps Mitsuha and Sayaka in achieving their goal of saving the people of Itomori.

He is a very important character as his adventurous and brave side reflects during his actions as part of the evacuation process. He aims to achieve a decent life but his aspirations are mostly childlike. This also gives him a space within Mitsuha and Sayaka as he is often the naive friend who needs to be taken care of. Tessie is a major side character of Your Name and his actions help save hundreds when the comet strikes.

5. Sayaka Natori

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Sayaka Natori in Your Name (on the left) (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Sayaka is a close friend of Tessie and Mitsuha. She is a calm and composed girl who has a sweet demeanor. She shares a similar dislike for Itmori like Mitsuha and wishes to live life in the metropolis of Tokyo. Sayaka has a liking for Tessie but she is too embarrassed to confess her feelings.

  • She is therefore constantly trying to downplay her emotions and this emotional battle of hers becomes a major signifier of the trope of love in the movie. Sayaka also plays a major role in evacuating and rescuing the people of Itomori.
  • She is the one who broadcasts the message and this becomes a major act in the definitive aspect of the evacuation.

Sayaka is later engaged with Tessie after the timeskip. She is a calm and quiet girl who reflects Mitsuha’s aspirational side and Tessie’s shy personality.

6. Miki Okudera

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Miki Okudera in Your Name (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Miki Okudera is a colleague of Taki and she shares a love for fashion and art. Taki and Okudera have a mutual crush on each other and even go out on a date. During the date, she discovers that Taki might be actually in love with someone else, who is none other than Mitsuha( whom he doesn’t remember and only recalls those memories very faintly).

Okudera joins Taki in his journey to find Itomori and also helps him emotionally as well as psychologically. She later meets him after the time skip and they begin to talk about the times they went to find a place whose memories are largely erased from their minds.

Okudera is a side character who is of much importance and she contributes to the overall growth of Taki and Mitsuha’s relationship in a manner that she becomes a medium for them to connect.

7. Tsukasa Fujii

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Tsukasa Fujii in Your Name (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Tsukasa is a friend of Taki and he is very supportive of Taki’s pursuits. He plays the role of the ideal friend who is concerned and willing to help each step of the way. Tsukasa does a lot of things for Taki without Taki’s approval or request, but everything he does is to help him in some way or the other.

He even accompanies Taki in the search for Itomori and he is often concerned when Mitsuha takes over the body of Taki and acts differently. Even in those moments, he never moves away from Taki but only wishes to help him manage his things.

8. Toshiki Miyamizu

Here are all the characters that appear in Your Name
Toshiki Miyamizu in Your Name (Image credit goes to CoMix Wave Films)

Toshiki Miyamizu is the estranged father of Mitsuha and Yotsuha. He leaves them after his wife’s death and he rejects the traditions of the shrine to pursue a career in politics and eventually becomes the Mayor of Itomori.

  • Mitsuha is embarrassed by her father’s actions and his treatment of her. He acts very hostile toward his daughters and is strict towards their actions.
  • Toshiki is as aspirational as Mitsuha and he has always wanted to leave the town of Itomori to pursue his dreams. But he was trapped in the town due to certain commitments to the family.

The father and the daughter might share a very hostile and fragile connection, but in a way, both of them share certain similarities which reflect their similar frustrations.


Your Name played a major role in defining the concepts of love, fate, and family. It is through the various characters that it examines the institutions of family and faith and also the idea of freedom and fate. The characters are the mediums through which these analogies are expressed and therefore the movie- Your Name, doesn’t limit its possibilities to just the two protagonists but also extends it to the side characters as well.

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