Zoro vs Lucci: Will We get to see Another Vice-captain moment from Zoro?

Zoro vs Lucci Will We get to see Another Vice-captain moment from Zoro

In the world of One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates may not have an official vice-captain, but if actions speak louder than words, then there’s no denying that Roronoa Zoro is the undisputed second-in-command. The ongoing battle of Zoro vs Lucci in One Piece Chapter 1083 raises the question: will we witness another defining moment showcasing Zoro’s role as the crew’s vice-captain?

The Role of a Vice-Captain

A vice-captain is traditionally the right-hand person of the captain, entrusted with leadership in the captain’s absence. While the Straw Hat Pirates don’t have a designated vice-captain, Zoro has consistently filled this role.

  • From taking up charge whenever the crew is separated to making critical decisions during crises, Zoro has demonstrated leadership, loyalty, and strength akin to a vice-captain.
  • Zoro’s journey as the unofficial vice-captain can be traced back to the early days of the crew. One could say that his true convictions came out when he was defeated and humiliated by Mihawk.
  • Since then, Zoro has taken the role of the Vice Captain whenever required, tightening the slack that Luffy tends to ignore. His reaction to Usopp’s defection and his sacrifice at Thriller Bark both stand as unquestionable testaments to his purpose in the crew.

Zoro’s Growth

Evolution of the art style of anime since the 1950s
Zoro, One Piece | Image Courtesy via IMDb

One intriguing pattern in One Piece is Zoro often challenging the second-in-command of the enemy crew in various arcs. From Mr. 1 in Alabasta to Kaku in Enies Lobby, Zoro consistently takes on these high-ranking adversaries.

  • This pattern underscores his role as the Straw Hats’ protector and emphasizes his status as the unofficial vice-captain.
  • Zoro has developed significantly since their last encounter at Enies Lobby. Triumphs in the Wano Arc, such as defeating the formidable swordsman and All-Star, King, showcase Zoro’s unparalleled growth.
  • This development, alongside his newly obtained Advanced Conqueror’s Haki, hints at the possibility that he might overcome Lucci with relative ease in their current battle.

Zoro vs Lucci

As Zoro fights Lucci in the Awakened Zoan form, it’s clear that he’s not just a swordsman but a guardian of the crew’s dreams and ambitions. The Straw Hat Pirates have grown in strength and stature, and Zoro’s role as the Straw Hats Vice Captain has evolved with them. It is crucial to note that this arc has been moving at a very rapid pace which is unlike Oda.

While Zoro faces off against Lucci, Luffy vs Kizaru is the battle that is set to decide the fate of the Straw Hats in Egghead. In order to ensure his captain’s success Zoro might step up and showcase his unyielding loyalty once again through another unforeseen selfless act, akin to what happened with Bartholomew Kuma. 


One Piece How far off are Sanji and Zoro in power levels
Zoro in One Piece. (Image credits Toei Animation)

While the Straw Hats Vice Captain is not an official position yet, Zoro’s actions and character consistently demonstrate that he embodies the spirit of one. One Piece Chapter 1083 and the ongoing battle against Lucci serve as a testament to Zoro’s unwavering dedication to the crew and his role as their unsung leader. He continues to set an example for the crew, pushing them to greater heights and reminding them of their ultimate goal: finding the One Piece.

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