Demon Slayer Season 3: How can Genya turn into a Demon?

Demon Slayer Season 3 How can Genya turn into a Demon

A landmark in the modern anime industry, Demon Slayer season 3 has been arguably one of the most successful anime of Spring 2023. The studio Ufotable has, yet again, displayed excellent skills when it comes to the show’s animation and fight choreography.

Season three introduces a plethora of new characters, including two upper moons Hantengu, Gyokko, the Mist Hashira Muchiro Tokito, and the fan-favourite Genya Shinazugawa. Episodes 5 and 6 have brought him into the spotlight, revealing some of his impressive skills as well as his tragic backstory.

For fans of the highly acclaimed anime, the origin of Shinazugawa’s powers may raise questions, prompting us to delve into the Manga for a detailed spoiler-filled explanation.

Who is Shinazugawa Genya?

Demon Slayer Season 3 How can Genya turn into a Demon
Genya in the Final Selection | Image courtesy to Crunchyroll

Genya Shinazugawa plays a crucial supporting role in the series Demon Slayer. He is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps and happens to be the younger brother of Sanemi Shinazugawa, who holds the esteemed position of Wind Hashira. Right from the Final Selection, his confrontational encounter with Kanata Ubuyashiki, despite her being a child, reveals his brash and foul-mouthed nature, mirroring his older brother Sanemi’s temperament.

  1. During the Swordsmith Village arc, he teams up with Tanjiro, Mitsuri, and Nezuko to confront Hantengu, an Upper-Rank Demon dispatched by Kibutsuji Muzan to obliterate the village.
  2. In Episode 6, an unfortunate turn of events uncovers his tragic backstory. His mother, transformed into a demon, kills three of his siblings, leading Sanemi, his older brother, to avenge their deaths by slaying her.
  3. He regrets blaming Sanemi for cold-blooded murder, unaware of their mother’s transformation. His aspiration to become a Hashira stems from a desire to apologize to Sanemi, as only Hashiras have the privilege of interacting with other Hashiras.

As the narrative unfolds, he opens up about his battle with social anxiety, which contributes to his impulsive and unsympathetic conduct. Sanemi’s disownment as his brother intensifies his self-doubt regarding his own capabilities.

Is Shinazugawa a demon?

Demon Slayer Season 3 How can Genya turn into a Demon
Genya at the end of Episode 5 | Image courtesy to Crunchyroll

Towards the conclusion of episode 5, Genya’s physical appearance undergoes a transformation resembling that of a demon. With black eyes, protruding veins, and regenerative abilities, it raises the question of whether he is truly a demon. So, is he?

In short, the answer is no. However, the long answer delves into a rather complex explanation.

How can Shinazugawa turn into a demon?

Demon Slayer Season 3 How can Genya turn into a Demon
Genya regenerating after being hit | Image courtesy to Crunchyroll
  • To get straight to the point, as revealed in the Manga, Genya possesses a unique ability. Through the utilization of his powerful bite strength and specialized digestive organs, he can temporarily transform into a demon. This allows him to consume demon flesh and absorb their powers, consequently altering his appearance.

This extraordinary capability enables him to contribute effectively to the Demon Slayer Corps, despite his inability to utilize “Breathing styles,” which serve as the primary source of power for most Demon Slayers. This ability draws some parallels to Nezuko’s condition as well, as both of them are able to manifest similar powers.

As the story progresses, his abilities expand, eventually granting him the ability to replicate some of the powers possessed by specific demons he consumes. However, we’ll refrain from revealing which demon’s powers he acquires just yet.

What’s next for Shinazugawa Genya?

Devoted fans of the hot-headed lone wolf eagerly await the answer to whether the shotgun-wielding Demon Slayer meets his demise during the intense clash with Hantengu in the Swordsmith Village Arc.

Fortunately, we bring you reassuring tidings. He not only survives but also emerges as a pivotal figure in the battle against Muzan. Nevertheless, this does not imply that his journey will be devoid of challenges, as he must endure more arduous trials to validate his worth and achieve his aspiration of becoming a Hashira.

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