Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Gojo and Geto’s Relationship – Explained (Part 1)

Gojo and Getos Relationship in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Are you also wondering what is the actual connection between Gojo and Geto’s relationship who are considered the two most powerful sorcerers? Let’s find out what were the ups and downs of their friendship and how it eventually came to an end.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 being this summer’s most awaited anime, has finally premiered the first episode of its second season, leaving fans more excited for the next episode.
  • The coming episodes will mainly include flashbacks that took place during Gojo’s second year of high school. It will also delve into Gojo and Geto’s friendship and show how they became best friends.

SPOILER ALERT: The following will contain spoilers from the manga. So read it at your own risk.

When did Geto and Gojo first meet? Are they really very strong?

Gojo and Geto's Relationship in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
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Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto first meet each other at Tokyo Jujutsu High when they are second-year students, around 2005-2006. Their introduction takes place in Gojo’s Past arc. Both of them were born during the early Heisiei Period, but their families were very different from each other.

  • Gojo comes from a sorcerer family that held a lot of power and he was a descendant of Michizane Sugawara, who was one of the 3 Vengeful Spirits.
  • Gojo is unique because he is the first person in over 400 years to have the cursed techniques known as 6 Eyes and Limitless. He is incredibly strong, so much so that his very presence has a big impact on the balance of the entire world.

Geto on the other hand, is also very strong, despite not being born into a sorcerer family. He doesn’t have any special lineage, but he possesses unique cursed techniques called Cursed Spirit Manipulation and Uzumaki. These abilities allow him to absorb other curses and use their powers to create strong attacks.

What makes both of them different from each other?

Although Gojo and Geto are both powerful, they have distinct differences in their beliefs and ideals. Gojo tends to be reckless and doesn’t always follow rules, while Geto has a strong sense of morals. Geto believes that those who are strong should protect those who are weaker than them.

But despite their contrasting qualities, the two quickly developed a strong bond and became best friends. They are recognized as the strongest pair of sorcerers in Jujutsu High.

The Star Plasma Vessel Mission: Geto’s Downward Spiral

  • In Gojo’s Past arc, their teacher Masamichi Yaga gives Gojo and Geto a mission. They are tasked with finding the Star Plasma Vessel for Master Tengen.
  • As students, Geto and Gojo go on this mission, and many events occur that hint at what will happen in their future relationship.
Gojo and Geto's Relationship in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
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Everyone reading this must’ve already seen the first episode of JJK Season 2, where they will continue the mission along with a new villain called Toji Fushiguro. Toji, being aware of Gojo’s 6 Eyes, fights him and mobilizes him, and heads to kill Geto and Riko too.

Toji informs Geto that he has killed Gojo, which greatly destabilizes Geto. Then, Toji proceeds to kill Riko in front of Geto, which further affects him. Geto holds himself responsible for both of these deaths, even though it is later revealed that Gojo is actually alive.

What could’ve gone wrong in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen?

Another important thing to note is that towards the end of the mission, Geto prevents Gojo from killing many members of the Star Religious Group. He says that a sorcerer should always have a valid reason to take someone’s life.

If Geto hadn’t intervened, Gojo would have ended up becoming a mass murderer, and it would have drastically changed the course of events in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Conclusion – What happens next?

This is not the end of this immortal relationship. What happens next is the real deal. If you’re also thinking about what made Geto Sugaru turn into a total villain then head to Part 2 of this article.

See you on the other side then!

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