My Hero Academia Chapter 396: Does Armored All Might have all the abilities of One for All?

All Might using One for All. Will we see it again after My Hero Academia Chapter 396?

The war between Heroes and Villains is nearing its end, yet we still have surprises coming. From quirk awakening to witty teamwork, Horikoshi has been delivering. When everyone has stepped up their game, why would the greatest Hero stay calm? Even in retirement, nobody has been able to surpass All Might in his determination and sheer badass moves he makes. With no quirk, All Might take up All for One in My Hero Academia Chapter 396. Showcasing various quirk-like abilities, how much can All Might do? Can he:

  • use One for All again?
  • if yes, then to what extent?

All Might in My Hero Academia Chapter 396

After defeating All for One once before, All Might passed on the baton to Izuku Midoriya as the next heir of One for All. Yet, as the threat of All for One re-emerged, he came out of retirement to settle this battle once and for all.

His support item, Hercules, caters to support him to fight without the need for quirks. Reinforcing his offense and defense, Hercules allows him to utilize everything in his arsenal to imitate abilities demonstrated by other Heroes.

All Might flying towards All for One
Armored All Might | Courtesy of Viz Media

All Might has demonstrated various abilities:

  • Hercules Red: it imitates the abilities of the Red Riot.
  • Hercules Charge Bolt: it imitates the abilities of Kaminari.
  • Hercules Cellophane: it imitates the abilities of the Cellophane.
  • Hercules Sugarman: it imitates the abilities of Rikido Sato.

It begs the question, can All Might imitate the current One for All heir’s abilities?

One for All Abilities

The current heir of One for All, Izuku Midoriya, unlocked the true potential of the quirk. Being able to tap into the abilities of past users, Midoriya unfolded One for All to be more than just a power-stacking quirk. With quirks unleashed, Midoriya is now the strongest One for All holder.

The First Holder of One for All
Yoichi Shigaraki | Courtesy of Bones
  • The First User: Yoichi Shigaraki, the younger brother of All for One, was the first holder of One for All. Unbeknownst to his elder brother, he had a quirk that could transfer quirk to another. A stockpiling quirk was forced onto him, giving birth to One for All as we all know it. Due to the nature of the power, he could only pass it on to a person willing to take it. This allowed him to pass on his sense of justice as well, making it a responsibility for all the successors of the quirk to stop All for One.
The Second Holder of One for All
The Second User | Courtesy of Bones
  • The Second User: His identity is unknown. He was a close aide to the first user and the leader of the resistance that was fighting against All for One. His meta ability, Gearshift, allowed him to change the speed and trajectory of any object that came into contact. During his era, its impact was limited to anything small, causing them to become projectiles that the villain remarked as peas. Moreover, after being assimilated into One for All, the quirk grew in power. He warned Midoriya to be cautious in its use, as it could be devastating if not used carefully.
The Third Holder of One for All
The Third User | Courtesy of Bones
  • The Third User: His identity is unknown. He was a close aide to the second user and was a member of the resistance. His meta ability, Fa Jin, allowed him to build up and store kinetic energy by performing repetitive movements. This energy provides an explosive boost to the speed and power of the user. Moreover, assimilating into One for All allowed Midoriya to function as he would at 100% capacity without backlash.
The Fourth Holder of One for All
Hikage Shinomori | Courtesy of Bones
  • The Fourth User: Hikage Shinomori was the fourth holder of One for All. He decided against confronting All for One and instead secluded himself to increase the power of One for All. His meta ability, Danger Sense, allowed him to detect nearby threats.
The Fifth Holder of One for All
Daigoro Banjo | Courtesy of Bones
  • The Fifth User: Daigoro Banjo was the fifth holder of One for All. He died fighting All for One. His meta ability, Blackwhip, allows him to produce tendrils of dark energy that help in long-range grappling and increases mobility.
The Sixth Holder of One for All
En | Courtesy of Bones
  • The Sixth User: En was the sixth holder of One for All. He received the quirk through blood during the previous users’ battle with All for One. His meta ability, Smokescreen, allows him to produce thick purple smoke from the body to impair and cloud others’ vision. 
The Seventh Holder of One for All
Nana Shimura | Courtesy of Bones
  • The Seventh User: Nana Shimura was the sixth holder of One for All. She dies fighting All for One. Her meta ability, Float, allowed her to levitate through the air. She inherited the strong sense of justice of the first user and passed it on to All Might.

All these abilities were unlocked by Midoriya, allowing him to access the full range of abilities of One for All. In addition, he can use each of these abilities in conjunction with each other, allowing him to be even more powerful and effective in his approach.

Can All Might Imitate One for All?

In My Hero Academia Chapter 396, All Might was shown using two of One for All’s abilities.

  • Using Hercules, he imitated Blackwhip to restrain All for One in his movements.
  • Using Hercules’s physical reinforcements, he imitated Shoot Style Smash to deal a devastating offense to the villain.
  • Using Hercules’s physical reinforcements, he imitated Float to engage the villain in mid-air.
All Might using Shoot Style
All Might vs All for One | Courtesy of Viz Media

However, can he also use the other abilities of One for All?

  • Stock-pilling energy: He is unable to store power in his body. However, he can still use Hercules’s physical reinforcements to deal damage as he would if he could stockpile energy.
  • Gearshift: He is unable to affect the trajectory of objects. However, using Hercules’s modifications, he can boost the speed of any projectiles he shoots.
  • Fa Jin: He is unable to store kinetic energy. However, by using Hercules’s physical reinforcements, he can boost his agility and speed. 
  • Danger Sense: He does not have an inbuilt ability that would detect danger for him. However, Hercules could detect incoming attacks and warn him by sensing heat signals near him.
  • Smokescreen: He is unable to produce purple smoke through his body. However, Hercules could use regular smoke to impair someone’s vision.


Badass All Might
Unrelenting Determination of All Might | Courtesy of Viz Media

All Might has an arsenal of abilities that he could dish out against All for One. In his fight against the villain, the abilities he uses will affect his battle and become decisive in its outcome. One for All has become the best counter to All for One’s unending strength. With All Might’s experience in holding and teaching its abilities to its heir, he can efficiently use its abilities to their full potential. All that’s left is for All Might to Plus Ultra through the villain one last time.

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