One Piece 1094 Spoilers: Do all Five Elders Have Yokai-Themed Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits?

One Piece 1094 Spoilers Do all Five Elders Have Yokai-Themed Mythical Zoan Fruits

The recent influx of One Piece 1094 Spoilers has set the fandom abuzz with speculation and excitement. Among the many revelations in this chapter, the focus on Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s Yokai-themed Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit has opened a fascinating avenue for exploration. These spoilers have not only deepened the intrigue surrounding the Five Elder Stars but have also shed light on the potential existence of Yokai-inspired powers within their ranks. Do all Five Elders Have Yokai-Themed Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits? Let’s find out.

Understanding Yokai

The Yokai, a prominent motif in Japanese folklore, are mythical creatures ranging from mischievous spirits to powerful gods and demons. In the rich tapestry of Japanese folklore, Yokai come in various forms, each possessing unique traits and abilities. In the expansive world of One Piece, Oda has masterfully woven elements of real-world myth into the tapestry of his fantastical universe.

This interplay of cultural inspiration and inventive storytelling is exemplified in the Yokai-themed abilities showcased through Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits. If the silhouette we saw a few chapters ago and the events from the recent spoilers are any indicators, one can safely assume that all of the Five Elders have Yokai-based powers.

Saturn’s Ushi-Oni and Its Implications

One Piece 1094 spoilers A major powerhouse revealed
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

The recent chapter unveiled Saturn’s intriguing Yokai-inspired power, the Ushi-Oni. This Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit allows Saturn to transform into a horned creature, showcasing the fusion of reality and fantasy within One Piece.

Saturn’s Ushi-Oni form not only demonstrates Oda’s deep reverence for Yokai lore but also exemplifies the captivating diversity of Devil Fruit’s abilities.

Devil Fruits of the Five Elders

Here are the possible Devil Fruit abilities that could be held by the rest of the Five Elders.

  • Saint Marcus Mars – The Tengu-Tengu Fruit, Model: Karasu Tengu: Tengu, mythical humanoid birds, serve as the inspiration for Mars’s potential Devil Fruit. The Tengu-Tengu Fruit, Model: Karasu Tengu, could grant Mars avian agility and control over winds, aligning with the traditional abilities associated with these Yokai creatures.
  • Saint Topman Warcury – The Bakunawa-Bakunawa Fruit, Model: Moon-Eating Serpent: Warcury’s unique transformation, resembling Tsuk-like appendages, finds a fitting counterpart in the Bakunawa, a sea serpent Yokai of Philippine mythology.
  • Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro – The Mizuchi-Mizuchi Fruit, Model: Water Dragon: Nusjuro’s intriguing silhouette, featuring a floating tube-like structure, bears a resemblance to the Mizuchi, a mythical water dragon.
  • Saint Shepherd Ju Peter – The Noppera-Bo-Noppera-Bo Fruit, Model: Faceless Ghost: Ju Peter’s transformation into a large humanoid creature with an open mouth echoes the eerie presence of the Noppera-Bo, faceless ghosts prevalent in Yokai lore.

However, these are pure speculations as of now and might be something wildly different within Oda’s mind. For more such original content, subscribe to our newsletter.


One Piece 1094 Spoilers Do all Five Elders Have Yokai-Themed Mythical Zoan Fruits
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The tantalizing prospect of the Five Elder Stars possessing Yokai-themed Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits adds layers of complexity to their characters. As fans eagerly await the next chapter and the release of One Piece 1094 Raws, the fusion of ancient Yokai legends and Oda’s inventive storytelling continues to captivate audiences worldwide. With each revelation, the world of One Piece expands, offering fans an enthralling journey through a realm where myth and reality converge in extraordinary ways.

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