Greatest Bogard One Piece Theory yet says he is the leader of SWORDS?

bogard one piece

The right hand of Monkey D. Garp, Bogard has remained a mysterious character throughout One Piece. In this piece, we explore one of the greatest One Piece theories yet, that Bogard might be the leader of SWORD.

What is SWORD in One Piece?

Garp One Piece
A still from One Piece anime featuring Garp | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • SWORD is a classified special force within the Marine Headquarters, comprising former Marines who have officially detached themselves from the organization’s established chain of command while continuing to operate on its behalf.
  • Unlike regular Marines, SWORD members enjoy the liberty to disregard orders at their discretion, enabling them to undertake missions typically restricted or requiring clearance, such as engaging with the Four Emperors. In exchange, neither the Marines nor the World Government hold themselves accountable for the actions of SWORD members, reserving the right to disown or sever connections if expedient.

SWORD personnel aren’t obliged to aid or rescue their comrades in case of trouble; however, this also implies that fellow SWORD members can undertake unsanctioned rescues without seeking higher-level approval. In essence, SWORD functions as a covert operations division within the predominantly law-abiding Marines, often likened to “unpredictable commandos” by Kuzan.

TRIVIA: SWORD is uninformed about Cipher Pol’s covert operations and clandestine endeavors. Additionally, there seems to exist some hostility between SWORD and CP0. In fact, their name, SWORD, contrasts them with CP-0, whose full name is Cipher Pol Aigis Zero. The word “Aigis” comes from the word “Aegis”, meaning “Shield” in ancient Greek.

Who is Bogard in One Piece?

bogard one piece
Garp and Bogard, image rights belong to TOEI Animation.

Bogard holds the position of a Marine Headquarters officer and serves as the chief assistant to Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. He exhibits a notable proficiency with a sword, evident when Morgan breaks free and launches an attack on Garp, prompting Bogard’s immediate instinct to draw his katana for an instant counterstrike.

Impressively, he skillfully fragmented Koby’s firearms into minuscule fragments within a matter of seconds, all while avoiding any harm to Koby himself. In a subsequent instance, Bogard was observed providing training to Koby and Helmeppo. During this training, he adeptly defended himself against a simultaneous onslaught of three swords, using only his less dominant hand. Notably, Bogard wears his sword on the left side, and the fact that he used his right hand to retrieve it during Morgan’s assault on Garp suggests his predominant right-handedness.

TRIVIA: Bogard resembles the actor, Humphrey Bogart, most notably in Casablanca in terms of appearance and name.

Why is Bogard One Piece the most ideal candidate for the leader of SWORD?

1. Bogard’s design

Given the highly clandestine nature of the SWORD organization, Bogard’s characteristics position him as a prime contender for its leadership role. Notably, his location remained unknown for a significant portion of the narrative until the events in Wano, underscoring his penchant for operating in utmost secrecy. Intriguingly, Bogard’s appearance was initially conceived to match Garp’s design, suggesting that Eiichiro Oda may have originally intended Garp to assume the role of SWORD’s leader. However, this concept was seemingly altered, leading to Bogard becoming the chosen leader instead.

2. Garp’s Right Hand Man

For a span of 27 years, Bogard has served as Garp’s Right Hand, granting him convenient access to classified Navy intelligence courtesy of his association with Garp. This arrangement also ensures that he remains inconspicuous, partly due to Garp’s boisterous and attention-commanding nature. Garp’s unsuitability as a potential leader for SWORD stems from his inability to safeguard confidential matters. Furthermore, residing in Garp’s shadow has resulted in Bogard remaining relatively obscure, rendering him more expendable. Consequently, should revelations about the true identity of SWORD’s leader come to light, Bogard could be readily disposed of.

3. Existing members of SWORD

Recent revelations indicate that both Coby and Helmeppo are affiliated with SWORD. Notably, Aokiji’s close relationship with Garp becomes pertinent in this context. This connection implies that Coby and Helmeppo received direct tutelage from Bogard, a factor that could have facilitated their enlistment in SWORD. It’s plausible that Aokiji’s ties to Garp might have served as a conduit for interactions between Aokiji and Bogard as well.

How strong is Bogard in One Piece?

Bogard’s strength is undoubtedly at least on par with that of an admiral or vice admiral, a notion we can reasonably infer. His decision to remain under Garp’s auspices serves as a veil for Garp’s true identity.

It’s evident that only an individual of substantial prowess could persist alongside Garp for an extensive span of 27 years, spanning the era of Rocks, the era of Roger, the flourishing age of pirates, the era of Whitebeard, and the current epoch. Bogard’s capacity as an adept instructor is evident in his role as a mentor to Coby and Helmeppo, further exemplified by Coby’s rapid ascension in strength.

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