Exploring how are fans reacting to Gear 5 animation being too ‘cartoonish’ in One Piece Episode 1071

One Piece 1071 - Exploring how are fans reacting to Gear 5's animation

Toei Animation released the highly anticipated One Piece 1071 episode on August 6th, 2023. The episode, titled “Luffy’s Peak Attained! Gear 5,” showcased the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, and his Gear 5 animation. This episode caused a significant stir on the internet, garnering immense attention.

However, amidst the initial excitement, a distinctive trend has emerged in the fan response to Luffy’s Gear 5 animation in One Piece Episode 1071. Fans have pointed out that the One Piece Gear 5 animation appeared overly exaggerated and cartoonish. In the following discussion, we will delve into the reasons behind this perception among fans and examine their reactions to it.

Why did fans find the Gear 5 animation too ‘cartoonish’?

Episode 1071 of One Piece proved to be an exceptional work of art. The episode commences with Zunesha heralding the return of Joy Boy. Subsequently, Luffy undergoes a gradual transformation, his mind puzzled by the events unfolding around him. Given his acknowledgement of his own defeat, his sudden awakening appears perplexing. The backdrop of the lively Drums of Liberation soundtrack lends a much-needed buoyant quality to the scene, amplifying the impact of this transformation.

One Piece 1071 - Exploring how are fans reacting to Gear 5's 'cartoonish' animation
Kaido’s eyes pop out | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Eiichiro Oda drew inspiration from the likes of Tom and Jerry while conceptualizing Gear 5, as he himself remarked, “When thinking about its concept, you can think of it as if it suddenly became β€˜Tom & Jerry’.” Consequently, the clash between Luffy and Kaido takes on a distinctly cartoonish demeanour, exemplified by Yonko’s eyes protruding comically. However, this approach is entirely intentional. The original intent behind crafting Gear 5 was to infuse a measure of levity into the weighty Wano arc, offering a much-desired comedic respite.

  • Oda also shared, “When I tried to draw it for the first time, it was pretty difficult. The world of β€˜Tom & Jerry’ works because of both characters, so I struggled a lot looking at the difference in attitude between Luffy, who was making pranks in the middle of the battle, and his serious opponent.” Oda continues -“But in the end, I feel like I actually pulled it off.”
  • The Gear 5 animation in the anime impeccably mirrors its manga counterpart. The whimsical aspects have been deftly translated, affording long-time viewers of the series an opportunity to relish the transition from the gravitas of Wano to a more classically lighthearted escapade within the world of One Piece.

How are fans reacting to the Gear 5 animation being too ‘cartoonish’?

Following the initial surge of excitement surrounding the episode’s release, fans became divided into two distinct camps. One faction held a deep appreciation for the anime’s animation quality. Typically comprising long-standing followers of the anime or avid readers of the manga, this group had eagerly anticipated the portrayal of Gear 5’s adaptation.

Notably, manga enthusiasts warmly embraced the episode, applauding its remarkable faithfulness to the source material.

They relished the comedic interlude it provided and eagerly geared up for the imminent monumental clash between Luffy and Kaido, eagerly awaiting the forthcoming One Piece Episode 1072. An essential aspect to consider is that the gravity of the Wano arc would persist until the culmination of the Luffy-Kaido confrontation, a process that could potentially extend over a considerable span of time.

Conversely, a significant contingent of individuals did not find favour with the animated episode’s cartoonish style. This sentiment emanated from their deep enjoyment of Wano’s seriousness, given its indisputable status as one of the most substantial arcs in the One Piece saga.

These viewers desired an immersive experience grounded in seriousness, and a single episode manifesting as a source of comic relief failed to align with their expectations. This viewpoint was particularly pronounced among ardent anime fans of the series who had not delved into the manga’s narrative.

Moreover, many enthusiasts who primarily indulged in Shounen anime expressed a notable degree of dissatisfaction with the animation of Gear 5, deeming it lacklustre and incongruous. Noteworthy is the tendency within certain audiences, especially the Shounen anime demographic, to gravitate towards similar animation styles, making deviations from this norm potentially unsettling.

This divergence in sentiment ignited a spirited debate across various social media platforms that endured for more than a week. Both sides presented valid arguments, and it’s important to acknowledge that since the topic at hand largely rested on subjective interpretation, a range of valid viewpoints emerged. The discourse persisted for approximately a week, reaching its apex with the release of One Piece Episode 1072, after which it gradually tapered off.

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