One Piece 1105 Spoilers: Who the Key Reinforcements Headed to Egghead could be

One Piece 1105 spoilers are out, and it looks like we were right about what to expect from this chapter. While detailed spoilers are still a few days away, a quick rundown of the preview reveals that the highlight of the entire chapter is the Marines announcing some major backup is headed straight for Egghead Island. Just who are the “they” they were referring to?

“They” are a mystery for now. But speculation is running rampant that it could be either Luffy’s Grand Fleet, Blackbeard’s crew or Dragon leading the Revolutionaries.

The stakes have been rising steadily throughout Wano and now the final saga. With Luffy and the Straw Hats already embroiled in a confrontation with Saturn and CP0, the added threat of unknown visitors raises the danger level to unprecedented heights. So, who do you think it would be?

Brief One Piece Chapter 1105 Spoilers: Three Major Forces That Could Rescue the Straw Hats

One Piece 1105 spoilers on Egghead Island Arc
One Piece | Image via Yen Press

Here are some key takeaways from the brief One Piece 1105 spoilers:

  • The Marines have initiated a Buster Call on Egghead Island, raining destruction down on the chaotic island. Many hoped to see Robin’s reaction to experiencing her third Buster Call, but spoilers indicate she’s sleeping through it, likely exhausted from fighting.
  • Zoro is still battling Lucci off-screen. Jimbe goes after Zoro to make sure he doesn’t get lost.
  • Sanji goes around making sure everyone is safe, and Franky and Brook go after Sunny.
  • The chapter ends with the Marine ship sent to annihilate Egghead completely destroyed at sea. A panicked Marine NPC tries contacting Kizaru, saying they need to inform him that “they” are coming.

Just who is the mysterious “they”? The top theories so far are Blackbeard, Luffy’s Straw Hat Grand Fleet, or Dragon. All three forces present intriguing possibilities.

Why it might be Dragon who shows up on Egghead in OP 1105

Dragon in OP 1105 spoilers
Monkey D. Dragon in One Piece | Image via Toei Animation

Oda has been dropping hints since the start of the Egghead Island arc that Dragon and his Revolutionaries could make an appearance. We’ve seen much more activity from Dragon lately, and he seemed to know precisely where Kuma’s Pacifista was headed previously.

Dragon even implied that he and his followers would trail after Kuma. If that’s the case, it makes perfect sense for the Revolutionaries to arrive on Egghead Island right on the heels of Kuma. And who better to intervene against a devastating Buster Call than Dragon’s forces?

  • The Revolutionaries opposing the World Government’s lethal brand of “justice” line up perfectly with their ideology. This could finally lead to the first major face-off between Dragon’s army and the Marines. It’s long overdue for Oda to showcase more of Dragon’s capabilities after all this time too.

The Revolutionaries’ vested interest in the island along with Dragon’s history of hints points to them being the unspecified “they.” If the theories are correct, OP 1105 could grant fans’ wishes by finally bringing Dragon into the fray in a big way.

Will it be the Straw Hats Grand Fleet?

Straw Hat Grand Fleet in One Piece Chapter 1105
One Piece | Image via TMDB
  • One alternative theory is that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is the “they” headed toward Egghead. Back in Dressrosa, Luffy told his fleet to come save them whenever the Straw Hats called for aid. With Luffy now an Emperor after Wano, having his grand fleet finally assemble would cement his status.
  • The timing does feel earlier than expected. But with One Piece barreling full steam toward its climax in the final saga, it may be time. Oda is advancing the plot at a breakneck pace now, so nothing seems too sudden.

Having Luffy’s far-reaching fleet arrive would immediately shift the tides against the Navy. Their combined might could help overcome the Marines’ Buster Call. And it would make for an insanely epic showdown.

Though the volatile situation seems well-suited for Dragon’s revolutionary ideals, Luffy ringing the bell for his grand fleet also fits. Their arrival was inevitable, and the Straw Hats truly need reinforcements now. What better moment than when faced with annihilation?

Will it be Blackbeard?

Blackbeard in OP 1105 manga
Blackbeard | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The other major possibility for the foreboding “they” is none other than Blackbeard himself. He and his Blackbeard Pirates have a penchant for capitalizing on volatile situations.

  • Seeing Luffy and Blackbeard confront each other for the first time since Ace’s death would be incredibly momentous. It would ramp up the tension immensely and serve as a perfect buildup to their seemingly inevitable final showdown.
  • With Blackbeard’s past luck and persistence in obtaining powerful Devil Fruits, he could be sailing to Egghead to try and claim one of Dr. Vegapunk’s prized creations for himself. A new formidable ability would make him an even greater threat.

Additionally, many theorize Blackbeard may be coming to make a major move like assassinating either Admiral Kizaru or even Saturn himself. Taking out one of the Navy’s top figures would certainly send shockwaves through the world.


The brief One Piece 1105 spoilers have fans abuzz with speculation about who could be sailing to Egghead Island. Luffy and the Straw Hats are already in a perilous position facing off against Saturn, Kizaru and the Navy’s Buster Call. The added threat of whoever the mysterious “they” refers to promises to thrust the chaotic situation into overdrive.

One thing’s for sure, the stage is set for major fireworks in One Piece’s final saga. The plot is ramping up at breakneck speed now, and Oda continues to masterfully juggle the numerous threads. Fans anxiously await the detailed One Piece 1105 spoilers to see where this rollercoaster ride goes next!

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