One Piece Episode 1061: Was Sanji vs Queen the best support-character fight ever?

One Piece Episode 1061

We got to see the Sanji vs Queen fight animated in One Piece episode 1061 of One Piece. The episode had a whopping budget, and it was visible enough with the quality of the visuals. Besides the visuals, the fight also brings closure to the narrative which started back in the Whole Cake Island arc. Is Sanji going to use Germa’s power? Will he turn into a cyborg? Did Sanji hit a woman? A lot of things were at stake for Sanji in this fight. 

How Episode 1061 begins with Sanji vs Queen

One-Piece-Episode-1061-Was-Sanji-vs-Queen-the-best-support-character-fight-ever (2)
Striking Visuals of episode 1061 | Image courtesy of Toei Animation via IMDB

At the same time, Queen didn’t refrain from rubbing his opponent’s past in his face. Every move of the Queen reminded Sanji of his family back in the Germa kingdom. The setup of the fight was based on the numerous internal battles going on within Sanji’s mind. Most of them being about his roots and the ideals he set for himself. As the fight progressed Sanji rejected the power of science and overcame the challenge in front of him by using his own strength.

  1. The showdown of invisibility between the two showed the difference in the quality of the moves used by them. The fight ended with Sanji overcoming the past and accepting things as they were.
  2. He succeeded at disassociating from his past and reunited with the people who mattered to him in the present; his crewmates and his father Zeff. The fight completed a whole circle, giving fans a run for their wait for the animation.

Drawing parallels between the big three for best support-character fights

While the fight is iconic, can it be called the best support-character fight ever? The contemporaries of the Sanji vs Queen fight in this category can be the Shikamaru vs Hidan (Naruto Shippuden) and Kenpachi Zaraki vs Unohana Retsu (Bleach – Thousand years blood war arc). All these fights had an emotional backbone where the characters fought for what they believed in.

Naruto Parallel: Shikamaru vs Hidan

  • Shikamaru used wit and vengeance to defeat Hidan.
  • We get to see a Shikamaru we didn’t know existed. The emotional breakdown he goes through while playing a match of shogi with his dad shows the mostly cool-headed character in a vulnerable state.

It gave his character the depth which was needed for a character as significant as him in the war and even in Boruto.

Bleach Parallel: Kenpachi Zaraki vs Retsu Unohana

The more recent face-off between Zaraki and Unohana was similar to the one-piece fight as it had a clash of the past with the present of the characters. With chilling visuals, the fight sequence stands tall against its peers. For the second time, Zaraki was mentally involved in a fight.

He wasn’t just testing out his strength against an inferior opponent but standing on the same footing as his opponent. He heard his Zanpaku-to for the first time. The fight was impactful for the anime and the character. An impact that far exceeds the duration of the fight.


The Sanji vs Queen fight was significant for the character and the fans. The episode has been collecting praise on every discussion forum. But will the fight stand the test of time alongside its competitors? Considering the fact that some important support-character fights are yet to be concluded in the Wano arc itself.

One Piece Episode 1061
Sanji-vs-queen(An excerpt from One Piece Episode 1061) | Image courtesy of Toei Animation via IMDB

Calling it the best-ever support character fight only after a week after the episode came out is a bit too soon. Every Shounen anime has a cluster of fights to offer. This is a very vast category that the Sanji vs Queen fight is competing in, I hope the fight moonwalks through time to prove itself the GOAT. 

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