Top 5 Best Fantasy Manga to dive into

The Best Fantasy Manga to read

If you enjoy reading stories in a fantasy setting, I have just the mangas for you. In this article, I will list down the Top 5 Best Fantasy Manga that you need to check out right away. These stories are bound to give you a brand-new perspective and be your next favorite series to follow. For more such specific genre recommendations, be sure to subscribe to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter!!

Here are the Best Fantasy Manga you shouldn’t miss out on

5. Taishou Kitan Majo

Taishou Kitan Majo on the list of Best Fantasy Manga
Taishou Kitan Majo | Courtesy of Usami Miki
  • Genre: Historical, Slice of Life
  • Author: Usami Miki

Taishou Kitan Majo is about a witch who travels from her village in the west to Japan, in hopes of reviving the magic of her hometown by the ingredients found there. The manga is a brilliant representation of how Witches are perceived negatively by the general masses because of a said few incidents. She belongs to a line of witches who develop magic to help mankind and is always on the look out to fix their public image.

Feared by the Japanese people, she perseveres to search for ingredients on a daily basis to accomplish her goal, while wishing for a day when she gets to enjoy the basic amenities provided by their culture. The manga gives off a very Vincent Hugh aesthetics, and we are sure that you are found to fall in love with it.

4. Re-Living My Life with a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me

Re-Living My Life with a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me on the list of Best Fantasy Manga
Re-Living My Life with a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me | Courtesy of Mutsuhana Eiko
  • Genre: Mystery, Romance
  • Author: Mutsuhana Eiko

Oriana and Vincent are madly in love with each other. With only a few days left before they graduate, there’s something Vincent has to tell her. However, time is a cruel thing, busy with her assignments, she is always on the clock. Finally, with some free time, she visits Vincent in hopes of getting to hear what he wants to tell her, only to find him dead. Screaming for help, it wasn’t long before she too was murdered on the spot.

Waking up 7 years back in time, Oriana receives a second chance at life to save both of them. Working tirelessly to get back to school and meet her love, she is shocked to realize that Vincent does not have the memories of his future self as she does. Starting from Square 1, will she succeed in getting back with him and change their inevitable doom?

3. Our Lives After the Apocalypse

Our Lives After the Apocalypse on the list of Best Fantasy Manga
Our Lives After the Apocalypse | Courtesy of Fumino Nagi
  • Genre: Adventure, Gourmet, Slice of Life
  • Author: Fumino Nagi

Years in the future, the Human Era has come to an end and society has lost all signs that made it prevalent. In a world where time is slowly ticking for the old fools, a duo sets out on a journey. A humanoid robot, Hayasane Suoh, and a robot dog, Mute, are on a journey to find their master. Putting her to sleep, Suoh’s master left them. Waking up after years, she is filled with her desire to reunite with her master.

The story is a light-hearted journey to find their master. It will remind you of how the early episodes of Violet Evergarden and Frieren Beyond Journey’s End used to be, with them stumbling upon the remnants of the past and appreciating what used to be. With life nearing its end, this manga is a bittersweet tale of those final days.

2. Soara and the House of Monsters

Soara and the House of Monsters on the list of Best Fantasy Manga
Soara and the House of Monsters | Courtesy of Yamaji Hidenori
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Author: Yamaji Hidenori

Soara has trained her entire childhood for one purpose, to fight in the war against monsters and bring victory to her nation. However, when the time to fulfill her role dawned upon us, the king of her nation declared that the war was over. With no war, she soon lost the purpose of her life, wandering about and pondering what was left of her. Trying to find a reason to continue her life, she stumbles upon a nest of Monsters.

Curious at some unusual behavior, she hides herself to find what they are working on, only to find that three monsters are working together to fix a home for their peers. Astonished by the marvel that they manage to create, she soon finds the new purpose she was looking forward to. With a rocky path ahead as she manages to come to terms with her feelings, she now is working together with monsters to build them a comfortable home.

1. After Marchen

After Marchen retells the story of Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel
After Marchen | Courtesy of Ikuno Tajima
  • Genre: Fairy Tale
  • Author: Ikuno Tajima

If you have been curious about what happens after Fairy Tales ends with the “Happily Ever After” mark, After Marchen is for you. Two junk collector brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, go at their client’s request to take their junk off their hands. The clients they visit are none other than all those fairy tales that have concluded.

From Snow White to Rapunzel, find out what happens after the end of the story as the two brothers navigate through Fairy Land handling the junk that once was the key to these tales.


All of these mangas are the best fantasy manga you would find in the community, from romance to slice of life to even some twist to old tales that we know, these mangas are sure to rile you up in excitement. Comment down below, which manga do you think deserves a spot on the list!!

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