Blame! manga – what is it about?

Blame! manga - what is it about

Blame! manga has been written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei. The series made its debut in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon Magazine in 1998 and ran until 2003. It falls under the cyberpunk genre and features a dark setting. The story is weaved together through the imagination of a futuristic world, and a reality that has been left in a state of dystopia. In this article, we will explore the Blame! manga with a historical and genre-specific lens to better understand the plot of this fan favorite.

Blame! manga – a basic synopsis of the plot

The story of Blame! takes place in a future that is stranded in a state of dystopia and humanity has been restricted in a colossal structure known as the City. Due to its immense size and design, time has forgotten the purpose of this megastructure. The main character, Killy, tasks himself with finding the Net Terminal Gene – a genetic component that holds the key to accessing the City’s computer system and saving humankind.

Blame! manga - what is it about
Killy in Blame manga. (Image credit goes to Kodansha)
  • Killy is a silent protagonist, a stoic character by nature. He wields a powerful weapon known as the Gravitational Beam Emitter.
  • Moreover, as he goes on his journey to explore the corridors of the labyrinth, he steps across various secrets of the City and the origins of its people.
  • The story quickly and surprisingly moves into an existential theme and explores the repercussions of an unrestrained technological advancement.

The story of Blame! manga is exceptionally poignant and it experiments with various ideas of human existentialism. It is crafted in a manner that it acts as a critique and a satire of the nature of civilizational development and captivates the reader in a crisis of the civilizational burden.

Blame! manga – where to read?

Blame! is available on a variety of platforms for the ones wishing to explore this classic cyberpunk series. Due to its popularity, it has spread its roots across various free-access platforms for the readers, making it a popular choice among the beginners of this genre. Blame! is available to read on MangaDex and MangaRock, and these platforms offer feasible access for the readers.

Blame! manga - what is it about
Blame manga volume 6. (Image credit goes to Kodansha)

Blame! is also available for manga readers across various stores and libraries, as it has always remained a popular choice. Moreover, it has been released in multiple volumes, making it easy to read and collect. Online retailers are also available for fans to purchase hard copies of this series, and these are sources that offer more accessibility for the worldwide readers.

Blame! manga and its incredible team of dreamers

Blame! is the brainchild of Tsutomu Nihei who is well-known and widely recognized for his distinctive approach to art and his incredible storytelling.

  • He is known for evoking a dialectical narrative and fills in his plots with a terrifying undertone of crisis and catharsis.
  • His depiction of the city is an urgent call for action and it is a dystopian narrative that presents a nightmare of human development.
Blame! manga - what is it about
Killy in Blame! manga. (Image credit goes to Kodansha)

Tsutomu Nihei is also known for his other works such as Knights of Sidonia and Abara. His skills and creation were complemented in this work by Kodansha’s editorial team which is comprised of a group of aspiring individuals. The manga has flourished worldwide and has been a hallmark and classic of its genre in the years following its release until today.


Blame! is a manga that stands as an example of a well-crafted story and even more critical storytelling. It is thought-provoking and at the same time very much engaging. The journey of Killy and the dystopia he explores is a must-read for all manga readers and it stands as a recommendation for an immersive classical reading.

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