Blue Lock Chapter 229: Is Hiori the missing piece in Isagi’s puzzle?

Hiori and Isagi team up in Blue Lock Manag

The match between Bastard Munchen and Ubers is finally nearing its end after easily being one of the longest matches in Blue Lock so far. It seems like Blue Lock chapter 229 will be an important turning point for this match after considering the events of the recent chapters in mind.

Barou has defied the master to do things his way and has been successful with it. Nobody expected the egotist within Barou to awaken all of a sudden. But it has happened and Isagi is once again having a hard time. 

Barou in Blue Lock
The awakening of the egotist within Barou | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Ever since the beginning, the boys have helped each other to grow into their better versions. A great example of this would be Nagi’s relationship with Reo and Isagi. They helped him polish his plays; which is also the reason why he decided to play with others besides Reo. Similarly, Isagi has been helped by Bachira, Kunigami, Rin, and Kaiser. Maybe next up is Hiori, the author has also been hinting at it for a while it seems. 

Is Hiori the missing piece in Isagi’s puzzle?

Blue Lock manga
Blue Lock Manga chapter 221 | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

In chapter 221 Hiori displayed his willingness to play along with Isagi despite not liking football. He was moved by Isagi’s playing style. We were introduced to his past and his childhood. All of this feels like set-up events to introduce him to the field. 

  • Snuffy completely changed the flow of the match, making his opponents feel at the edge. 
  • Isagi mentioned how the only ones able to read Snuffy’s plays are Noa and Kaiser besides him. 
  • Even if Isagi could see what was coming up, he didn’t have enough support to sabotage his opponents or to take back the ball. 
  • At the same time, it was shown that Hiori could see the same things as Isagi.

If Hiori shares the same vision as Isagi, he’d be able to assist him or coordinate with him to execute attacks against Ubers. This will complete Isagi’s puzzle which has been disrupted multiple times in this match. 

Blue Lock Chapter 229

Hiori in Blue Lock
A Glimpse from Hiori’s Past | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

The chapter is titled ‘Underdog’ which might be an indication of Hiori’s entry to the match. We haven’t explored his potential at all as compared to the other characters. His past was recently revealed to the fans, and his relationship with his parents has shaped him into who he is. The match might be the perfect chance for Hiori to get his closure as he has someone who shares the same vision as him. 


Blue Lock Manga
Kaiser, Isagi, and Barou from left to right | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

The match is reaching a turning point as Noel and Snuffy will soon leave the field. This will do two things; put Noel and Snuffy on the same level and make way for Hiori to enter the battlefield. There’s a slight chance that the match will come to an end before the two masters leave, but that’s highly unlikely. 

In that case, Hiori helping Isagi out will probably be the best direction for the story to move in. If he scores the final goal, the rivalry between Kaiser and Isagi will continue to go on. This will be a good way to display the shortcomings of the two players which they can overcome in the match against Rin.

That’ll also amount to one of the most satisfactory moments as Isagi defeats both Kaiser and Rin in the same match. For that we need Hiori to be the final part of Isagi’s puzzle. 

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