How has One Room of Happiness Manga given a different twist to Stockholm Syndrome?

How has One Room of Happiness Manga given a different twist to Stockholm Syndrome

The Stockholm Syndrome genre is a fantasy tale genre that everyone loves reading about. One Room of Happiness Manga has been able to put a twist on this favorite genre of fantasy drama which surprisingly has portrayed brilliantly two mature themes. In this article, I will take you on a journey about the kind of twist the manga has included in the story and why it deserves to be your next read.

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One Room of Happiness Manga

Sachi and the Boy
Sachi and the Boy | Courtesy of Hakuri

Kidnapping a 14-year-old, XXX-san, the kidnapper has kept her in his room. However, to his surprise, instead of despair the girl has been smiling thanking him for taking her away. Forcing him to agree to her promise of running together away from the police and her family and getting married, or dying together if they get caught, both of them have signed up for a life-changing course of events.

Terming his stalking as his love for her, she has been able to make him name her. Calling her Sachi, which has the same kanji as that of Happiness, both gradually take steps to find their own happiness and grab it for themselves.

What kind of themes has the manga dealt with?

The manga covers mature themes such as kidnapping, domestic violence, bullying, loneliness, etc. All of this is expressed in a wonderful mix that starts with a pretend-Stockholm syndrome situation.

Sachi abused by her mother
Sachi abused by her mother | Courtesy of Hakuri
  • Sachi had been continuously abused in her home by her parents for years, to the point that she stopped feeling fear and has multiple bruises on her body that the boy remarked were “uncountable”.
  • She was also bullied by her classmates due to her bruises. She had no one she could go to for help, and her classmates considered her a nuisance.
  • The boy grew up all alone which greatly impacted how he perceived his current situation. Accepting the fact that it was not Sachi who benefitted from the situation, but him instead since he clung onto her not wanting to be alone.

The twist that the manga was able to give to Stockholm Syndrome is how both decide to be in love with each other, to hide their real feelings about each other, but these fake feelings have been able to give them the peace and happiness that they had been longing for years. Sachi had been crept by all the pictures on his wall, yet she pretended that it was the form his love for her took. This was her way of expressing her gratitude for being saved from her parents.

Sachi and the Boy
Sachi and the Boy | Courtesy of Hakuri

Meanwhile, the boy made tons of promises to her, going as far as saying that he would come to rescue her whenever she was in trouble, just to keep her near him because he would be lonely without her. He made her breakfast and took her out for dates, and even cares which can be seen when he got concerned when he saw the bruises all over her body.

Both of them have their issues, but each longs for the other, not realizing that the other is healing a part of them that they closed off. For the boy, she had been a constant company that had soothed his loneliness and for Sachi, he had been a safe place where she finally was able to live like a young girl of her age. With him, she has been able to experience genuine care and love, and learn things that everyone her age would know.


Sachi and the Boy
Sachi and the Boy | Courtesy of Hakuri

The One Room of Happiness Manga has explored multiple themes that have mirrored the reality of many situations. Domestic violence is common in many parts of the world and many have not been able to seek help in their surroundings. Bullying is visible and how the majority reacts to it has been amazingly portrayed in the manga. This manga is one of those series that one must read.

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