Indian Manga Nirvana – is it a Dark Fantasy Story inspired from Japanese aesthetics?

Indian Manga Nirvana - A Dark Fantasy Story

Manga as a form of comic readership in India has been increasingly popular in recent years. The vivid and complex storytelling technique of manga has attracted a wide audience and therefore we see a steep rise in similar manga-inspired storytelling as well. One such recent release is the Indian Manga Nirvana, which has been created by a passionate team of writers and artists and it critically interrogates themes like dark fantasy, action, and the supernatural.

Indian Manga Nirvana – what is it about and what is its background?

The Indian Manga Nirvana has been created by Mangaka Abhirav and illustrator Animesh, who are both budding creators in India.

This blend of Indian storytelling and Japanese manga aesthetics has brought in a new wave of fusion comics, which examine different cultures and experiment with infused products.

Indian Manga Nirvana - A Dark Fantasy Story
A glimpse of Indian Manga Nirvana (Image courtesy of Cosmics Entertainment)

Indian Manga Nirvana would navigate through the life of a young boy who strives for simplicity but is thrust into an unexpected and extraordinary journey.

However, further details have not been revealed for creating suspense and anticipation. The first chapter which is set to release in the month of July has been titled ‘Karma’ and the manga will reportedly be a blend of Indian storytelling with Japanese aesthetics.

Indian Manga Nirvana – how is it different from a traditional manga?

The cross-cultural Indian Manga Nirvana is unlike any other manga. It has a peculiarly attractive Indianness, which is to target an Indian readership and audience and creates a sense of the ‘ordinary’ and ‘home’ for the readers.

Indian Manga Nirvana - A Dark Fantasy Story
A poster of Indian Manga Nirvana which shows an Indian-ness in the presentation of the Japanese aesthetics. (Image Courtesy of Cosmics Entertainment)

The manga has rich Japanese manga aesthetics, from the characters to the props, everything has a Japanese sense to it. But there are certain waits in which it deviates from the traditional manga imagination. Firstly it is the reading style that follows the left-to-right reading method, unlike the traditional Japanese right-to-left method of reading.

Indian Manga Nirvana - A Dark Fantasy Story
The left-to-right reading structure of Indian Manga Nirvana. (Image courtesy of Cosmics Entertainment)

Secondly, the manga’s story is highly Indian, with the plot experimenting and analyzing themes such as dark fantasy and supernatural, which is a common trope across Indian stories.

Is the Indian Manga Nirvana a dark fantasy story?

Nirvana explores the life of a certain individual in a very unorthodox paradigm. It examines the life of a boy which takes an unexpected turn and leads to extraordinary circumstances.

The course of the story is simply put into a simple collision of a simplistic life and an uneventful occurrence, which together shape a dark fantasy that alters the young boy’s life completely.

Indian Manga Nirvana - A Dark Fantasy Story
A page from the Chapter 1 of Indian Manga Nirvana. (Image courtesy of Cosmics Entertainment)

Apart from that, the nature of this manga is supposedly dark and intriguing, putting into effect various elements of the supernatural, fantastical, and action into play.


Indian Manga Nirvana is a fusion product, created out of a cross-cultural discourse and is an attempt at reinventing the idea of manga as well as Indian storytelling. This dark fantasy manga is supposedly going to be a story of twists and turns and will revisit various traditional conflicts in storytelling.

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