Is Plus Sized Elf manga an attack on people with eating disorders?

Plus Sized Elf Manga

The world has evolved to create its own problems now. Earlier, civilizations had to worry about how to manage food, and today, we worry about how to manage eating our food. Times have brought change, and it is no laughing matter how serious the issue at hand has become. Plus Sized Elf manga, as the name suggests, is written on the said issue.

There are two concerns for the manga:

  • one, if it deals with the issue negatively or positively.
  • and, two, if it makes a joke out of it.

In this article, I will show you how the medium has been used to address the issue, and if it is something we should allow to carry on.

Plus Sized Elf Manga – What is it about?

Naoe is a massage therapist, and he has been bamboozled by a very strange patient. Coming to receive his clinic’s Diet Seitai Course is an Elf. Opposite to conventions and commonly drawn rules of their appearance, this Elf has amassed a fat belly. Worried that she will not be able to go back to her forest, she asks for his guidance to lose weight.

Verbal abuse over Eating Disorder
Verbal abuse over Eating Disorder | Courtesy of Web Comic Gum

He helps her, but fate has already decided the path he will walking on from now on. After their final session, he meets her again, stuffing down french fries and amassing the fat she worked so hard to remove. The story proceeds to show many different fantasy creatures suffer from eating disorders and physical pain. The story is metaphorical in many senses and I will be delving into them in the next session.

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How does it mirror reality?

The manga has been hitting right on the mark with what issues people with eating disorders go through and how they deal with them. While it is not all accurate to the last letter, it is sufficient to get the message across. The larger picture that it creates is of how we should perceive these individuals and how we should interact with them.

  • The manga has been careful in covering people who have an eating disorder. It should not be misunderstood with obese people. While the latter is as serious as the former, both function and affect societies differently.
  • The manga has intricately shown that it is not that people with eating disorders do not try to lose weight, but simply that they face obstacles that others don’t. What they have to deal with is completely different from what normal people go through. It isn’t a question of motivation.
  • The manga also shows how discriminatory conventional beauty standards are. These standards push people to sacrifice their bodies to fit in. Fats are not good for anyone, yet, health is not what drives these people to lose weight. It is mostly living up to the beauty standard.
Elf and Dark Elf receiving words of affirmation
Elf and Dark Elf receiving words of affirmation | Courtesy of Web Comic Gum

Eating disorders are very dangerous, as they might lead a person to an unhealthy body constitution. This will also lead the person to develop body dysmorphia. These kinds of outlook on your own body and toward the world makes life hell for the person. That’s where this manga makes a difference.

While not covering the entire spectrum, the manga has considerably covered what it means to have an eating disorder. The manga has also gone beyond the said theme and covered how each individual has their unique body constitution, leading each to experience stress and bodily pain differently. This has been shown through various fantasy beings having different issues with their body. This is a nudge for everyone to understand that what they go through is completely fine, and the problems they face are valid.


The manga can be taken as an offense, as the characters in it have been explicitly shown. Nevertheless, people need to look past the sensual portrayal and understand the underlying message, that intentionally or unintentionally, the mangaka has been able to draw.

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