Is Tokyo Revengers manga finished? Tenjiku Arc Explained

Is Tokyo Revengers manga finished? Moebius Arc

Tokyo Revengers is the anime that single-handedly repopularised the delinquent genre. With a gripping storyline, it has managed to keep all of us at the edge, every single episode. But just like all fairy tales come to an end, do Takemichi and Mikey prevent all that could’ve gone wrong? Do they save everyone? Is Tokyo Revengers manga finished? Let’s find out.


Is Tokyo Revengers manga finished? Was it a happy ending?

Yes, Tokyo Revengers manga has concluded on a heartwarming and satisfying note. Both Takemichi and Mikey have saved everyone and disbanded the Toman to eliminate the delinquent subculture.

In Chapter 277, there was a wedding scene taking place, and with Takemichi being the groom, it was confirmed to be the grand finale. The final chapter, Chapter 278, was published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine issue 51, and Volume 31 and released on January 17, 2023.

Is Tokyo Revengers manga finished? Moebius Arc
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

The finale starts with Takemichi getting ready for his wedding with Mikey in the room, acknowledging how the pair’s reckless days are over. Their conversation shows that they have come a long way, and it’s finally time for them to be more responsible and settle down.

What are all the Characters doing now?

  • Chifuyu arrives and begins sharing updates on everyone’s current occupations. Mikey is now a professional motorcycle racer, Draken works as a mechanic for Mikey’s racing team, and Kisaki and Kokonoi are the team’s sponsors. A full racing team it is.
  • The rest of the group has found their own paths, doing what they’re passionate about and living happily. Chifuyu notices that everyone is at the peak of their happiness, except for Takemichi, who truly appreciates this joy.
Is Tokyo Revengers manga finished? Moebius Arc
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Chifuyu also remembers the hardships Takemichi endured but never allowed setbacks to defeat him. He becomes quite emotional when Takemichi and Hina share a kiss, as the once-tearful hero has finally achieved his dream.

What is happening in the current Tenjiku Arc?

The majority of the anime community has loved seasons 1 and 2 of Tokyo Revengers. In the finale of season 2, Takemichi returns to the past and starts working hard to get stronger after witnessing Mikey die in his arms.

The conclusion of Tokyo Revengers’ Second season unveils the surprising twist that Kisaki has joined the Yokohama Tenjiku and this group is targeting members of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Currently, Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers, the Tenjiku Arc, is where Takemichi faces his strongest enemies while realizing that he can’t fix the future. The imposing character of Tetta Kisaki contrasts with the main character’s crybaby personality. His motivations and morals directly clash with Takemichi’s, leading to a situation where both characters bring out the best in each other.


To be honest, messing with a perfect ending where everyone is happy and alive would only anger the fans, so I’m completely against a sequel. The good thing is that Wakui, the author, has disclosed his plans for any prequels or special arcs.

Takemichi rescuing Hina, Baji, Draken, Mikey, and all the others feels like a dream come true too. This finale kind of makes up for the awful plot points and now, all we can look forward to is the anime tweak a little to make up for it too. But with that, you can also look forward to our Weekly Newsletter which is sure to bring you a happy ending every Monday and Saturday. So, don’t forget to subscribe to that!

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