Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji vs Yuta: Can black flash win against Rika?

Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji vs Yuta

Last week’s JJK Chapter ramped up the stakes as Yuta stepped up to face Sukuna instead of Yuji. Just when the King of Curses declared he would slaughter Yuji and eliminate every Culling Game player, the fated showdown between Sukuna and the Queen of Curses began. Sukuna taunted that failure to kill him would doom all Yuta’s loved ones. And in response, Rika emerged in a rage, violently smashing Sukuna’s head down while scolding “Who do you think you’re talking to?!”

As thrilling as this confrontation is, it makes us wonder – could Yuta really take down Sukuna when even Gojo struggled? Yuji is the destined protagonist, after all, he might be protected by plot armor. But does Yuta get the same benefit?

Who would actually win in a death match between Yuji and Yuta? And more importantly, which of them stands the best chance against Sukuna? The answers may surprise you.

Yuta vs Yuji: Who would win a battle to death?

Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji vs Yuta who would win
Yuta Okkotsu. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

When Yuji and Yuta first clashed, Yuji confirmed what we’d all guessed – their powers are exact opposite.

While Yuta lacks raw power, he has an absolutely massive reserve of cursed energy, as we first saw in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. As Yuji realized, Yuta compensates through constantly reinforcing himself with this endless cursed energy, flowing it throughout his body and sword. This makes Yuta’s attacks dangerously unpredictable and difficult to counter.

  • In terms of base cursed energy, Yuta exceeds even Gojo. After a year training at Jujutsu Tech, Yuta has achieved expert management of this vast pool of power. In contrast, Yuji’s Black Flash is incredibly powerful but much more limited in uses.

Black Flash vs Rika

  • Crucially, Rika’s healing factor could likely counteract the damage from even Black Flash. Her speed and agility also give her an edge over Yuji. With Rika’s overwhelming power, she could consistently out-heal and overpower Yuji’s Black Flashes.

Rika vs Black Flash in JJK

In a direct clash, Yuta’s endless cursed energy and Rika’s healing make it unlikely Yuji could take him down. Rika would simply out-damage and undo any blows from Black Flash. Her superior speed would also allow her to evade many of Yuji’s attacks until he exhausts his cursed energy.

So, in a battle to the death, the answer remains rather obvious: Yuta would ultimately defeat Yuji. Rika’s healing and stamina offset Yuji’s Black Flash, while Yuta’s cursed energy would gradually overwhelm Yuji as the fight drags on. It would be a spectacular battle of opposites, but the numbers favor Yuta.

JJK Yuji vs Yuta: Who stands a better chance against Sukuna?

JJK Yuji vs Yuta
Sukuna in Yuji’s body. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

In a direct match-up, Sukuna would defeat both Yuta and Yuji.

  • Rika’s healing cannot counter Sukuna’s immense power and skill. He would quickly discern and exploit her weaknesses. Similarly, while potent, Black Flash would not be enough to take down Sukuna due to the extent of his cursed energy and techniques.
  • However, if forced to choose between Yuta and Yuji, our analysis suggests Yuta would put up a better fight against Sukuna. Yuta’s planning, experience, and mastery over cursed energy exceed Yuji’s. He could likely counter Yuji’s speed and has a wider arsenal to leverage against Sukuna.

While Sukuna would inevitably overpower Yuta as well, Yuta’s versatility and skill would let him last longer against the King of Curses. Yuji’s straightforward approach would be less effective and easier for Sukuna to counter.

Yuji’s Plot Armor

Yuji's plot armor in Jujutsu Kaisen
Understanding Itadori Yuji’s true strength His Cursed Technique explored

The one potential factor is Yuji’s plot armor as protagonist.

This metaphysical edge has let him somehow triumph against the odds before. So, from a narrative perspective, Yuji finding some way to overcome Sukuna through willpower and tenacity cannot be discounted.

But in a direct powers’ matchup, Yuta looks better equipped to face Sukuna. His knowledge and cursed energy mastery give him an edge over Yuji’s raw strength and tenacity.


In the end, while both are incredibly powerful jujutsu sorcerers, Yuta appears better positioned to take on Sukuna. His vast cursed energy reserves and Rika’s healing factor give him an edge over Yuji in a direct matchup. And when it comes to facing the King of Curses himself, Yuta’s versatility and experience grant him advantages Yuji lacks.

Of course, Yuji’s determination and plot armor as protagonist shouldn’t be discounted either. His ability to exceed expectations can never be ruled out. But based on their demonstrated skills and techniques, Yuta looks like the safer bet to last the longest against Sukuna in a battle to the death.

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